In Darkness You Die, Monk’eigh- Eldar Armies on Parade

By Bartosz "Battesai" Koc | February 12th, 2016 | Categories: Airbrushing, Armies on Parade, Army Showcase, Eldar


David Roberts blinds us with another swift and stellar paint job! And who would’ve thought they started out as eBay  rescues? 

I saw the before pics, not pretty at all…

Artist: David Roberts of Dave Paints.

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What can I say about this army that the models don’t say for themselves? In the hobby world we see more and more people diving into the world of airbrushing. David is an expert on simple techniques that make the models pop. As we can see in all of these models, the usage of templates is stellar, giving the models this carbon fiber look to it.

Armies On Parade Roundup Showcase

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