Plasma Power – Stormsurge Army of One


Hey hey fanatics! Here is a new one from your inhouse painter Battesai! Behold The Stormsurge!

Artist: Bartosz “Battesai” Koc – Southern Painting

stormsurge stormsurge-2 stormsurge-3 stormsurge-4 stormsurge-5 stormsurge-6

This mini was an awesome experience to paint! Fully magnetized (unfortunately not all weapons represented). Become a member of The Long War in order to catch the magnetizing guide and a few small guides on how to make a Tau model…. well… more Tau! The paintjob with the lightningeffects is inspired from none other than David Roberts. Great guy, great painter! Check out his stuff, and keep a lookout for his armies here on Spikey Bits!

Happy hobbying Fanatics!

If you click on the Army of One link you’ll be able to scroll through some great looking figures, all at once.

Army of One Galleries

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About Bartosz "Battesai" Koc

Happy painter from southern Sweden. Husband, kickboxer, dogowner and hobby fanatic. I thought this would pass with age.

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