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By Gothmog | March 15th, 2016 | Categories: Army of One, Blood Angels, Warhammer 40k

ba sanquinuary priest

Deep Drink of Victory and Remember the Fallen! Check out this Kit-bashed Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest.

This is Sanguinary Priest Brother Crixus (I was watching a lot of Spartacus around the time I was painting him). He is a kitbash of
-The Torso from a Baal Predator
-Head from a Baal Predator or Storm Raven (I can’t remember which)
-Legs from the Forge World Character Upgrade kit
-Jump Pack from Sanguinary Guard
-Narthecium from a command squad
-Chainsword from a Death Company box
Sanguinary Priest 1

Sanguinary Priest 2

Sanguinary Priest 3
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