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Guess who’s the 800 pound gorilla in the game store now? GW has been dethroned at #1 according to ICv2’s news Top 5 sales data!

The Top 5 “Non-Collectible Miniatures Games” for the Fall of 2015 (Based on U.S. Sales Data)


Source: ICv2

“This chart of the ICv2 “Top 5 Non-Collectible Miniature Games” shows U.S. sales for the Fall season, September through December.  To develop this chart, we interviewed distributors, manufacturers, and retailers, then aggregated the information into a single ranking.”

1: Star Wars X-Wing
Fantasy Flight Games

2: Warhammer
Games Workshop

3: Star Wars Armada
Fantasy Flight Games

4: Warmachine
Privateer Press

5: Star Trek Attack Wing

Okay so one caveat: we’re not 100% sure on if Warhammer means Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar or all GW in general. Same with Warmachine for Privateer Press, but there looks to be no stomping FFG as they have TWO games now in the Top 5 and lease the rights to the rules for the #5 game Star Trek Attack Wing.

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Here’s the ICv2 report from 2014 (last year’s), compare the winners and the losers to 2015:

1: Warhammer 40k
Games Workshop

2: Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures
Fantasy Flight Games

3: Warmachine
Privateer Press

4: Star Trek Attack Wing

5: Hordes
Privateer Press

So with that being said, is it time to lock S-Foils in attack position?

Top 5 Lists: Guess Who’s Back On Top for X-Wing?

Have you played any of these games? Which did YOU like and why?

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  • It should be noted in the article that the September-December period is also the time frame that the new Star Wars movie premiered. That is bound to boost sales – not that it still isn’t an achievement to bump 40k for the first time ever – but bumping them once during a movie release, and bumping them on a regular basis, is yet to be seen.

  • zzzzzzsnore….. ummm did some movie come out?

  • Ben Clapperton

    It’s 40K. The website article omits this but it’s included in the ICv2 magazine. Back before the release of X-Wing pushed it out of the top five, Hordes was listed separately from Warmachine, so I assume this is still the case and WM only is at #3. It should be pointed out that this is sales in one specific channel, not total sales, and nor do ICv2 explain how they calculate their charts, whether revenue or units sold.

    As well as the movie release, the new starter set and the end to the supply issues which plagued X-Wing were major contributing factors to its success in Q4.

  • Moktor

    Warmachine and Hordes are also considered separate brands. Since they are effectively the same system, they really should be counted together.

  • lordofexcess

    Being that GW still derives more of its revenue from outside of the US this is important but not the entire story for GW. Many others are saying the same or similar things here.

    Clearly though GW is losing ground to direct competitors. The irony here is that FFG is a partner to GW. One wonders when GW will just license out all games to FFG and focus on development of IP alone. FFG seems to be much better at monetizing IP than GW.

    • Tomas Höll

      You mean 40k? Because I don’t think anyone in right mind would touch Age of Sigmar. FFG making rules for 40k would probably make me come back.

  • tim Christ

    This makes me giggle, especially since warhammer pretty much paid for my x-wing collection. lolz

  • Tomas Höll

    Wow, who would have guessed… Move along, no surprise here.

  • H4mmer

    Bear in mind that GW also changed their company views from a hobbying and gaming community, to the manufacturer of collectibles. This chart os for non-collectable miniatures. Interesting

  • Ben M Halgas

    Maybe if the fuck tards didnt destroy fantasy!

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