NEW BITS – Kromlech’s 40k ORKS Blitzkrieg Assault Vehicle

By Barclay Montgomery | April 21st, 2016 | Categories: BITS, Game & Hobby Products, Kromlech, Orks


WAAAGH! Kromlech is back with some more Orky love! They have just released an awesome Blitzkrieg Assault Vehicle that looks spectacular. Come see!

Via Kromlech

Blitzkrieg 222 Assault Vehicle $44.31


This set contains one orc Blitzkrieg 222 Assault Vehicle resin model armed with rocket launcher or HMG turret.
Inside a pack you will find all needed parts to assemble one model and some parts which are optional [spikey bitz, lamps, horn, rifles and hand weapons mounted on body of a vehicle]

This vehicle would make an excellent Ork Trukkand has plenty of gubbins and Orky bits to make it into whatever you want! How would you fix up this great model?

Red makes it goes fasta!


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