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More clues today about what and when we can expect the rumored new 8th edition of Warhammer 40k! Check these out!

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Salty Rumor Caves…

Grab you salt shakers folks and dig in to the latest

Sad Panda is chiming in AGAIN:

(boy he’s motivated to “prove some people wrong” I guess?) about the supposed new 8th edition of 40k:

There is a new edition of 40K in the works.

It’s also correct that GW doesn’t bother re-doing old (7th Ed) Codex books, basically since Tau, as they consider 7th a lame duck rule set (there will still be rules for new miniatures, incl. campaigns, Codex Deathwatch, etc..).

Just that the timeline is off and the new edition further away … at least 2017 … according to my information (which has been good so far, but a new edition of 40K is the most secretive topic you could find in GW).

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Previous Rumors:

Source Sad Panda

New edition won’t arrive in 2016.

But they will (and kinda already do) move the story forward.

Coming on the heels of more from him about the new reboot of Age of Sigmar (this summer), this is starting to make more sense…

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TWO big sources are saying the following:

BoLS has been informed by Mikhael the following:

Games Workshop will release a new streamlined 40k Edition in Autumn.

ytook (DISQUS) says: 5-16-2016

Expect 40k to have a shake up later in the year!
“It won’t be as drastic as Warhammer, but it will be quite a change.”
More stream lined and easier to pick…’and’I was talking to Ally Morrison and Andy Dunn (They were near the entrance) I know Andy from a while back and during our chat 40k came up…
Well, about how cumbersome it’s become.
Any way.
He said the quote above….

Well its been two years this month since 7th Edition dropped. But with the amount of supplements out there, and rules synergy I would be VERY surprised if any new edition of 40k took a huge hit to the rules.

If anything I could see them making it “less clunky” and more “streamlined” but fundamentally the same rules wise.  Would you jump into 40k from scratch with the way it is now? I can’t say  that 12 year old Rob Baer would, so maybe that is the aim of any tweeks to the core rules after all.

Also even if they don’t put out any more 7th edition codex books, they can still make supplements and weave their rules into a new 8th Edition codex “second edition” sort of compilation.

Checkour this article some DEEP thoughts on how this may and may not work and why:

the emperor husk

END TIMES – Will 8th Edition 40k Be What We Want?

~Have at it 
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