New Chaos & Scions Start Collecting Boxes REVEALED

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New Chaos is coming! Come see the contents of the 40k’s newest Start Collecting Sets and what kind of deal we’ll be getting on these new bundles!

Multiple retailers across the world are reporting the following new releases are headed our way this week:

  • Start Collecting Box: CHAOS SPACE MARINES  $85
  • Start Collecting Box: MILITARUM TEMPESTUS $85
  • LOST PATROL Core Game $60

No big surprise there on the last one, as we had been hearing loads about Lost Patrol for weeks now, however Chaos and Tempestus releases are very interesting indeed.

Source: Scanner

Start Collecting Box: Militarum Tempestus $85

start collecting tempestus -copy

  • Taurox $48
  • Scions $70 ( 2 box sets worth)
  • Commissar $21

Total MSRP:$139  Savings: $54

Start Collecting Box: Chaos Space Marines $85

start collecting chaos space marines

  • CSM Squad $50
  • Hellbrute  $54
  • Teminator Lord $24.75

Total MSRP: $128.75 Savings: $43.75

Looks like the Scions win the battle of the better bundle this go around!

Remember we generally see a new formation in these boxes, and it’s interesting to me that they would be putting out new “starter sets” for two factions that so many folks had anticipated getting new rules for in the short term. Perhaps this is something to this whole no new codex books for awhile, and a new “update” to the 40k main rules in the near term rumors as well.

Whatever the case may be, new releases are better than NO releases, so bring on the plastic GW!

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