How To Paint Blue Horrors- TL;DR


Here’s the skinny for how we painted the Blue Horrors at Cloud of Paint. We’ve included all of the colours but none of the waffle!

For a more in depth discussion check out the article on Cloud of Paint.


Main Colour

  • Airbrush – Vallejo grey primer
    Airbrush – VGA Electric Blue
    Airbrush – VGA Electric Blue + Dead white
    Airbrush – Add more white to previous mix
  • Oil wash – Prussian Blue
  • Glaze – Drakenhof nightshade (dark tips only)
    Glaze – Druchii violet (dark tips only)


  • Base – Ceramite white
  • Wash – Cassandora yellow
    Wash – Fuegan orange (tips only)


  • Base – Leadbelcher
  • Wash – Druchii violet (hilt only)
    Wash – Nuln oil (blade only)
  • Edge – Runefang steel

Gold Bracelets

  • Base – Retributor armour
  • Wash – Reikland fleshshade
  • Edge – Liberator gold

Teeth & Nails

  • Base – Rhinox hide
  • Layer – Ushabti bone


  • Layer – Screamer pink
  • Wash – Druchii violet


  • Layer – White scar
  • Glaze – Bloodletter red glaze
IMG_0099 IMG_0100

That’s it for these magical little guys, we’ll have more Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower models coming soon!

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