Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Scatter Dice?

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Get your tinfoil hats on everybody, this frenchy is unto something!

Games Workshop, for the 1st time ever is selling single scatter dice.  It seems like something they could’ve done years before, but instead kept them in dice packs and starter sets.

This seems like something inconspicuous at first.  With the seemingly endless rumors going on about the 8th Edition of 40K being somewhat Age-of-Sigmar-ified, the conspiracy theorist in me saw the light one fateful bathroom break.

scatter dice

There’s no scatter dice in Age of Sigmar.

This random “Hey, we’re selling scatter dice for a dollar now!” seems like Gee-Dub’s only move to sell what reamins of their scatter Dice.


Is this a tell-tale sign of what’s to come to 40K?  Is the frenchy going bonkers? Can jet fuel melt steel beams?  Should you stockpile your scatter dice?

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