Bjorn NOT Coming in Burning of Prospero Box Set?

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New rumors are here today about what may or may NOT be in the Horus Heresy Burning of Prospero box set that is coming our way soon!

A lot of folks out there thought that Space Wolf in the center of the November’s White Dwarf Magazine was Bjorn (aka Bear or the Fell Handed), BUT one rumormonger is saying not so fast!


Apply salt to taste:

Source: Squiggly

The Space Pup character on the new Wd cover isn’t Bjorn. Just throwing that out there.

battle for prospero white dwarf

10 Facts From The White Dwarf Cover:

  • This is White Dwarf #3 for November 2016
  • Tataros  Pattern Terminator Armor is visible in the image as well as Mark II Crusade armor (or III as some folks have suggested).
  • Legio Custodes as well as some sort of Legio hero is visible in the foreground.
  • There is also what appears to be a Space Wolf on a 32mm base leading the group (possibly Bjorn judging by his “Strong Hand”).

  • The Custodes have a variety of weapons in addition to their famous polearm.
  • The Legionnaire in the top right clearly has the Thousand Sons badge on his shoulder
  • There are additional models in the top background that may be more Space Wolves.
  • The Legio Custodes will get a rules update in this issue allowing you to play with them in games of 30k.
  • These miniatures are from a brand new board game, which everyone assumes would be in the HH Betryal at Calth style of plastics.
  • Two of the Custodes appear to be sporting some sort of Aquila Eagle stormshield.

See what everyone is saying about the new box set below:

New Burning of Prospero Box Set

Prospero will burn!

Previous 30k Rumor by Squiggly and more:


Rumormonger 75Hastings69 on Sept 6th 2016, said on the plastic Ahriman that was recently spotted:


Wait what?

“Looks good, I’m looking forward to seeing Magnus, Angron, Mortarion, Russ & Guilliman now :D”

Which is starting to form a patter with Sad Panda, and Squiggly:

Source: Sad Panda Aug 25 2016

Rubric? Yes. Magnus? Yes.

Think these have been mentioned before.

Plastic daemon Angron? Not to my knowledge.

Next 40K plastic primarch after Magnus should be a loyal one (not Russ, not Prospero related).

Follow Along With The Story:

Source: Squiggly (DISQUS) 8-24-2016

Tzeentch and Khorne will front the CSM revamp.

The release pattern for CSM should be similar to that of Age of Sigmar, a move away from Chaos Undivided and focusing on what really makes Chaos distinct. Ie; The 4 Gods.

The Cults will be expanded to the point they can form their own mini codexes with the Traitor Primarchs at their head.

“We heard you liked your Rubics with guns, so we gave them swords instead.”

Magnus and Angron will be the first Traitor Primarch releases.

That doesn’t mean you won’t see some Undivided releases. You will, it is a full revamp of the range afterall. Just that releases will be themed ala Age of Sigmar stuff has.

2017 will be good for 40k Khorne players.

Infact alot of what the 2nd 40k End Times book is about, is Abbadon unleashing Kharn on the Imperium.

Chill your beans, you’re getting new Rubics of several different varieties soon.


No exact time frames are stated here, but expectations are high after both Kharn, and a 30k sorcerer were spotted recently. Remember BoLS reported back in June a “random” sighting of something that reportedly looked like a plastic version of the Primarch Magnus:


via Mauler 6-9-2016 (DISQUS)

 “I bumped into an old mate last night who had a chap with him who I’d not met before. He said that he knew people working at GW, said that they were working on Warzone: Fenris pt2 at the moment and showed me two grainy photos.

I assume that the delay in pt2 is down to the models involved as one pic was of Thousand Sons in ornate armour that I’d not seen before and the other pic was of a daemonic Magnus. Hard to make out details on him from memory but there was a fair bit of blue & red on him and I vaguely remember something like blue pinions outstretched from his back but I’m not sure if they were wings. Clearly a departure from a Primarch Magnus from FW.

And a plastic Magnus from GW was the last thing I expected to see. It looked legit, but I don’t know the chap, so…”

So we have Forge World cranking out thier own set of pre-heresy Primarchs, but this model description sounds like a Daemonic version of Magnus the Red. for Reference, here is the ancient Daemonic Magnus miniature from EPIC:


Daemonic Magnus, EPIC, Circa : 1995

It is also possibly a case of mis-identification.Remember very reliable rumormongers have been saying for months the plastic Lord of Change that is said to be coming later this year.


And not 12 hours later the internet was alive with chatter related to this seemingly random utterance:

First off today we have Squiggly on Disqus:

There is an element of truth to this one.. The FW and GW studio’s were considering doing the Daemon Primarchs in plastic rather than resin, purely because of the nature of plastic. But I don’t think/didn’t know anything this was far done if this is accurate.

I’m not saying this is right/wrong. I heard we might get plastic ones, but no details on when, or even if, we will see them. Tbh if we were going to see any of them soon, I presumed it would be Angron. Considering he’s meant to be getting rules in one of the planned FW books.

I really hope we do see Magnussoon though.

So a solid maybe?

So lot’s to digest today folks, make sure you take your salt pills, this fall’s releases looks to be super SPICY!

GW’s 2016 New Release Roadmap Roundup


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