Starting a New AoS Army – 1000 Points of Khorne Bloodbound

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Putting together a 1000 point army that is both affordable and competitive can be tough! Check out this Khorne guide and let the blood flow forth!

The general’s handbook has brought a whole new balancing act to Age of Sigmar and thus a lot of gaming stores are starting with the basic 1000 point armies. So let’s put together a 1000 point army that is super cheap, yet competitive enough for you to have some close games.

This week we will focus on the Khorne Brotherhood, and they are a fantastic deal because of the starter box that was released last year. On ebay you can generally find the contents of the Khrone Bloodbound starter box for 50 bucks.

So for 102 dollars you can have a 1000 point force of Khorne Bloodborne that is pretty decent.

This amounts to the following points which totals 700 points and covers your 2 required battle line units.

  • 5 Bloodwarriors: 100 points (battle line number 1 and solid heavy infantry)
  • 20 Bloodreavers: 120 points (2 units of 10 x 60 each, battle line 2, combine these guys and they are very much light infantry. Keep them in one block of 20)
  • 1 Bloodsecrator: 120 points (The guy that buffs basically everything and messes with spell casters)
  • 1 Bloodstoker: 80 points (buffs 1 unit and makes they move fast)
  • 1 Mighty Lord of Khorne: 140 points (command ability allows for better charging, and he hits hard)
  • 1 Khorgorath: 80 points (very cheap monster that can soak up damage and tie up elite units)
  • Goreblade Warband: 60 points (worth the 60 points for some decent buffing)
AoS Khorne

Boost this by adding another 5 bloodwarriors to your units making it a total of 10.

  • 5 Bloodwarriors: 100 points (do a model conversion to create one with banner and goreglave. Then combine them with your previous unit to make it a unit of 10) (total points 800)

For 20 bucks off ebay for 5 bloodwarriors and some banner / big ax bits, this turns solid infantry into a block that can deal mortal wounds (starter set uses gorefists) with a champion that has rend.


Next max out your last character slot with Valkia the Bloody, which adds mobility with move of 12 and fly, hits like a cannon with charges with 6 attacks dealing d3 wounds and minus 2 rend.

With an armor of 3 and a shield that subtracts 1 to wound rolls she can hold her own…. Her big weakness is magic, she has no way of unbinding spells so mortal wounds take her out pretty fast with only 5 wounds. She costs 22 dollars from Games Workshop so is a pretty reasonably priced model, and is a very cool one at that.

One of the only female characters in the game, who also likes to murder things. Try and order her with a group from your FLGS so you don’t have to pay shipping!

  • 1 Valkia the Bloody : 120 points (A mobile heat seeking missile, take out enemy heroes with her) (total points 920)

Finally fill up your points with another Khorgorath, these are monsters you can make into units. While they don’t hit hard 8 wounds that can regen and decent armor make two of these things great mobile walls. That they can cause -1 to bravery to enemies and shoot 6 inches is a little bonus. Well worth 80 points. Also they are cheap you can buy one off ebay for 10 bucks.

  • 1 Khorgorath: 80 points (add to your other one making total 2)(total points 1000)

So for 102 dollars you can have a 1000 point force of Khorne Bloodborne that is pretty decent. Just be sure to buff your guys and make use of the Goreblade Warband charging bonus. Get them in the totem and you will have a shot of taking out pretty much anything turn one.

“Your shrines will burn, your streets run with blood, your false idols shattered, your people slaughtered by the thousands, your very planet torn apart… and the barest fraction of my hatred will be satisfied.” -Ba’ar Zul the Hate-Bound


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