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If you are looking for alternate Space Marine squads, Anvil Industry has an amazing selection of brilliantly designed models. Take a look and see for yourself!

Via Anvil Industry

Black Ops Fireteam $39.24

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The kit contains –

10 Unique Figures – Easily assembled from four components – Body, Weapon, Head and Power Pack.

40+ Optional Accessory Parts including a Fusion Cannon, Pistols, Stacked Mag Holders, Combat Knives, Equipment Belts and Storage Pouches – allowing for complete customization of your fire team!

The kit features –

3 interchangeable arm options to make Sergeant/Specialist figures. One figure is supplied with separate arms and shoulder pads, so you can model him with a heavy weapon if you want to (sold separately).

10 Different Assault Weapons featuring a variety of different weapon types to deal with different tactical situations. Six of the weapons are interchangeable and can be used on any of the six “Riflemen” figures in the set.Bonus Fusion Cannon included, plus loose left hands if you want to use other Specialist/energy weapons from Anvil or other manufacturers!

10 Unique Head/Helmet Options (15 Heads total)  including different combinations of equipment, and separate Visors/Night Vision/Lamps which can be attached to mounting points on the helmets.

Gaming Bases are not supplied with this kit, as we want to keep the price as low as possible for people who wish to supply the base themselves. You can add a set of Anvil Gaming Bases using the drop down menu, at a significant discount against purchasing them separately.

These Fireteam warriors make great Space Marine stand-ins. Add them to your army today!

“He who dares,wins!”

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