New Chaos Legion Books On The Way? RUMORS

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Checkout the latest rumors on yet MORE Chaos Marine releases that may be right around the corner. Is it too good to be true?

new magnus the red primarch

Is there more to Magnus, and those Thousand Sons Marines we saw just a few weeks ago? Remember the Salt here folks these are 100% Grade “A” Tabletop Rumors….


Source:  Andross on Dakka

… coming soon. a new daemonkin style Codex: for the three remaining Chaos powers, A new set of Chaos data cards comprising of the tacticle objective cards (originaly available with with the special edition version of Traitor’s Hate) and new Pykic Power cards for Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh, with seven powers for each and conversion kits for the Chaos Powers like those for Blood Angels, Space Wolves etc with 10 shoulder pads champion heads weapons. So yeh if he’s done his clearvoyant trick I’ll be very very busy through next year.

…Not a single crossover Codex: for all three one whole book for each of them.

The Data Cards are the only thing he said had stuff for all three in, the faction spesific psykic powers.

The only thing I don’t get is how the updated psykic powers will play into the new Codex:s.

If we’re getting new powers there will need to be a printed version of them. Not everyone will be able to afford or want the the cards they’re a nice touch and I always get them for any factions I own, but they are for everyone.

… If we’re getting three new Codex:s it stands to reason that each discipline will be in the appropriate faction Codex:. But I know some people who flat out dislike the Daemonkin thing. should they have to buy three Codex:s they don’t really want just so they can have the updated psykic powers for an army and Codex: they already own?

…when I said a daemonkin style Codex: I meant a Codex: each for each chaos power, that do for each of them, what Khorne Daemonkin does for Khorne unit’s, but won’t necessarily have “Daemonkin” in the title,

…I just hope they get the Data Cards before Christmas as I’ll need them for the legion Codex: I’m wrighting.

Right. as I understand it he means. A Codex: for Tzeentch, a Codex: for Nurgle and a Codex: for Slaanesh with new rules, wargear, formations, etc. For armies built around both mortals and daemons dedicated to the aforementioned power/faction. But they probably won’t have “Daemonkin” in title.

So what does that all mean? Well to me it looks again like wishlisting of Chaos legion rules updated into a “Daemonkin” format.  Sure it’s what alot of us veteran Chaos players out there want, which leaves this to be the target of much heresy and mystery. However I will say this, we’ve seen the new Magnus, and the new Thousand Sons Cult models. We know there is something out here whether it’s like Warzone Fenris related OR something else…

I would say this rumor overall has more legs to stand on just because of the temperature of the current hobby environment with the big Tzeentch teasers out there.

At the end of the day GW has acknowledged Plastic sisters, perhaps they know we want Chaos Legions just as much too?


The Current 3 Month Release Roadmap?

Here’s the new revised Roadmap list of new releases that are on the rumor radar now with items bolded that are confirmed:

Updated October 25th



  • Warzone Fenris Pt.2 (GW Teaser – Magnus?)
  • Rubric Marines (GW Teaser Video For T-Sons)
  • Plastic Sisters of Battle (GW Teaser Video)
  • Planetary Onslaught Supplment
  • 8th Edition Warhammer 40k
  • “War In the Webway” – (Could Mean The Emperor’s Battle Under Terra, or perhaps Ahriman’s battle to reach the Black Library) Seems like a good way to tie the Custodes and Sisters (both) into a new supplement.

age of sigmar logo

  • Steelhead Duardi
  • Tzeentch stuff
  • Shadowkin
  • New Terrain
  • There is still a grip of factions in the General’s hand book with no battletome as of yet.

Forge World & Specialist Games


Previous Six Month Roadmap from Summer 2016:

Checkout how the rumormongers did from the summer compared to what we know now:


age of sigmar logo

Non-Main Label

  • New LoTR Reboot with Iron Dwarves
  • Blood Bowl (2017)
  • Adeptus Titanicus


So that’s it be sure to add a pinch of salt to taste, however we’re hear more and more about the new Horus Heresy Book VII and Plastic Sisters of Battle on multiple levels. So as GW closes it’s six month fiscal year this December, maybe they will do so with a BANG!

GW’s LAST 6 Months of Releases

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