Can Tyranids Eat a Knight Titan? Competitive Battle Report

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Juice versus Austin out in the wild during a local de-escalation style tournament and it’s about to get biblical in here!


Kenny: The game was played out during a local de-escalation tournament and thanks to the Luck of the draw, Juice and Austin played the first game at 600 points. Of course, Austin brought a Knight Titan. Juice attempted but ended up getting “juiced’ when he rolled a six for seize the initiative. Man, I’ve told him not to roll on seize.20161128-longwar-shortform-batrep196Austin: Yeah, he didn’t have much on the board and ended up having to go first which worked out well to my advantage.

K: Nonetheless, Juice goes out there and tried to make his moving his flying hive tyrant trying to get first blood on the wyvern; however he was only able to knock down two hull points.

20161128-longwar-shortform-batrep198A: I was so happy not giving up the first blood.

K: Malenthorpe gives all the bugs shrouding so you can’t interact with them until you kill it. Luckily however the Wyvern is a honey badger and doesn’t care about cover.

A: I rolled really well and was able to take it down.

K: In Juices turn 2 he moves to finish off the Wyvern by landing on top of the building and takes down the remaining hull point.


A: It was a good play and he needed it to get the rest of hs reserves on safely. Meanwhile, at 600 points he can’t deal with a knight so we’re just pushing him back while aiming all the fire power at the flying hive tyrant.

K: Meanwhile, the null deployment has worked against juice because he’s boxed himself in and Austin s taking the lead on objectives. Then the flying hive tyrant gets rid of the last wyvern.

A: Now the gaunts are on the table so my knight titan has another target to shoot at.

K: Juice is forced to keep walking back his Dimachaeron because the knight titan, however, it’s at least keeping the night titan in place.

A: That’s true but the range on the knights weapons are more than enough to shoot at whatever it wants to on the board and I didn’t’ need to charge into his guants.

K: So basically you’re in his backfield and you’ve moved in and no way he’s going to get you out. Then, you go after his Flying Hive tyrant.

A: The twin linked rapier managed to get a wound in on the flying hive tyrant, he took a grounding test, failed that, and died. Juice had terrible rolls all around this game.


K: He’s trying to get some points, he doesn’t have any solutions he needs to win this game so he sends up his gaunts trying to get the progressive objectives. He’s trying to make you think and make a mistake.


A: There is no Knight titan in the history of ever that wants to charge into melee with a Dimachaeron through cover because then he’d explode. So I shot him up, Juice didn’t make a single save and then I mopped up his gaunts.

K: So basically, Juice got tabled turn 4 at 600 points. He won’t ever be able to let this down.

For the full pre-game and post game analysis check out the video below!

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