New Tzeentch Tzaangors Kit For Both 40k & Age of Sigmar?

By Rob Baer | November 23rd, 2016 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k


It looks like the new Tzaangors may be a dual kit for both Age of Sigmar AND 40k! Come see what was spotted in the new White Dwarf!

Is this the new standard for some Games Workshop releases, a dual purpose kit for both systems? If you think about it pretty much the whole Daemon line is basically dual purpose already- these guys included as they have PDF rules from Silver Tower.

99280102095_tzaangors_m55_ste-indd-copy2Tzaangors $45

But checkout these White Dwarf pics that were just spotted.

Source: Changer

It’s an interesting one, because there aren’t many images of the basic weapons. Looks like they’re pushing the autopistol and ccw. Makes me wonder if just hand weapon will even be an option for them in their book. After all, why would you not take a pistol?

That, and the three small images of the basic weapons show the Tzaangors painted as they were for ST, lighter grey-blue, with the same colour blue armour. I can’t not see this being a dual platform kit at the moment. I suppose we’ll see on Saturday when the images go online.

img_2104-jpg-20f9a1bb9ec616fa0649ece0002aa33b-1Now compare those weapons pictured to the Silver Tower versions:


They are pretty much painted the same colors even to boot! Maybe this IS a preview of more dual purpose Daemon releases for all four of the Dark Gods in the future!

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