Star Wars Armada – Corellian Conflict Squadrons Breakdown

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The Corellian Conflict campaign will be upon us soon, but we’ve just received scans of squadrons coming in for Star Wars Armada from Fantasy Flight!


Good guy Biggs has made it to Armada! Much like his X-Wing version, he takes the hits off of his squad mates and prevents 1 damage whenever a friendly squadron with Escort suffers damage.


Shara Bey is going to be one mean A-Wing. Her crits count as hits whenever she performs a counter attack! That’s awesome! It’s practically 2 damage guaranteed each time she is fired upon. Her Counter is also boosted up to a mighty 3, a first in the Armada game.


Ten Numb is an amazing B-Wing pilot. While attacking a squadron, he may spend one crit to deal splash damage to every ship at range 1 of the defender. This guy is a swarm killer for sure.


Captain Jonus is another bomber ace that acts as a support ship for your other squadrons. While a friendly ship at range 1 is attacking it may change 1 die to an accuracy icon. This a much-needed boost to squadron fire, as some enemy squadrons are particularly difficult to bring down without massed concentrated fire.


Saber Squadron comes in with a brand new ability in the Armada game. Snipe is the ability to attack an enemy squadron at distance 2 with 4 blue dice. This allows you to be safe from Counter attacks. This is truly a sniper type of attack that will fire at long range and be safe from return fire.


Valen Rudor is a slippery target. he cannot be the target of an attack if an enemy squadron is engaged with another squadron. This allows him to sneak in to combat with fire at will without the fear of being shot at.


That’s it for the new squadrons coming out with the Corellian Conflict campaign box set to hit stores soon.

Will you be running these squadrons in your fleet?


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