Warhammer TV Showcases 40k Open Day With Video

By Rob Baer | November 7th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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If you missed all the coverage over the weekend for the 40k Open, Warhammer TV has a treat for you. Checkout this slick video from the event!

Two new vehicles were spotted this weekend for the Adeptus Custodes at the 40k Open in England, plus from the sound of all the rumors we will be seeing a lot more of the custodes in the near future as Rob mentions them as “an army”!


Source WarhammerTV (YouTube)

We’re reporting this weekend from the Warhammer 40,000 Open Day.
There’s loads of cool stuff going on, take a look:


40k open day coverage from gw

From Prospero to Genestealer Cults, there were tons of dope tables on display!

40k open day coverage from gw

New Product Previews Galore!


And what makes this hobby great: tons of gaming!


Looks like the Custodes are making themselves at home in our hobby now, but where are the sisters..?


Checkout some of the bigger stories from the event below, and don’t forget to get your tickets for the Jan 2nd event, and the Heresy Weekender in February!



Warhammer 40k Open

RUMORS – Sisters, Custodes, & Inferno Info From The 40k Open

Checkout the hot gossip coming out of the 40k Open this weekend on the new Sisters of Silence, Custodes, and Book VII: Inferno from Forge World!


Custodes Caladius Grav-tank Rules PDF

Custodes Forge Wold Caladius Grav-Tank UNBOXED!

Come see an unboxing for the newest skimmer for games of Horus Heresy (and perhaps 40k soon as well): the Caladius Grav Tank!

Custodes Legionaries inferno rules pdf

New Custodes Vehicle & Tank Rules Spotted at 40k Open Day

Two new tanks were spotted at the Warhammer 40k open day for the fledgling Adeptus Custodes Guard, and the rules for the Caladius Grav-tank were revealed.



Don’t miss one second of this weekend’s 40k Open coverage below:


Warhammer 40k Open


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