Masterclass Archaeon – Army of One


Lend me your eyes, because you have never seen Masterclass painting quite like this. Let me introduce the works of Katarzyna Górska of Kraków. Poland. Undisputed queen of the brush!


A little bit about the artist; Katarzyna, or Kaha as she is called is a 30 year old from Kraków Poland, undisputed queen of the brush!. She hasn’t painted for more than little over 4 years, but my EMPEROR are we glad she did. Kaha stumbled upon minis from a friend who introduced her to it. She quickly found her talent and started painting.12112016-1 12112016-2 12112016-3

After becoming interested in the world of Warhammer she dove deeper into the painting hobby, and thanks to the internet community receiving her with praise she continued. Kaha only paints, but she does that happily and even takes commissions. I asked her about where she got her talent, modestly she praised her dad for being an arts major, while Kaha is herself a landscape architect.24062016-6 12112016-7 12112016-5 12112016-4


She has won several competitions, among them Duke in Bavaria and Hussars in Poland. She also took silver in Holland at the Scale Model Challenge. Hopefully Kaha will provide us with more and more of her wonderful models! Enjoy her masterclass Archaeon!

artist: Katarzyna Górska

There you have it folks, talent at the tip of a brush. Everything in this mini is painted by regular brush, even the freaking pattern on the base!

If you click on the Army of One link you’ll be able to scroll through some great looking figures, all at once.

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