New Star Wars Game Mats Released from FFG


New releases are here from Fantasy Flight Games. Checkout these Stars Wars 3×3 game mats! Battle of Hoth? Been there, done that, got the mat.

Battle of Hoth Game Mat $39.95


Engage the enemy in dramatic, high-speed dogfights while one of the galaxy’s most memorable battles unfolds beneath you! For use with X-Wing™ and Star Wars™: Armada, the 36” x 36” Battle of Hoth Game Mat features imagery of the Galactic Empire’s march on Echo Base atop a no-slip rubber base.

battle of hoth fight


The ion cannon, shield generators, and trenches – they’re all there. You’ll almost hear the rumbling of the AT-ATs as they march forward. All you need to add are your ships!

Starkiller Base Game Mat $39.95

starkiller base

The stakes and drama are greater than ever before when you play your games of X-Wing™ and Star Wars™: Armada atop the Starkiller Base Game Mat! This 36” x 36”, high-quality gamemat features an image of Starkiller Base emerging from the shadows to threaten the galaxy.


Will you side with the First Order to impose a new galactic order, or will you fight alongside the brave members of the Resistance? Either way, the Starkiller Base Game Mat offers a thrilling backdrop to all your most fateful space battles!

With the amazing amount of detail in these new mats I will definitely be picking up a couple for my own arsenal. Who wouldn’t want to fly an X-Wing over Hoth chasing down a TIE Fighter? That wraps up this New Release, pick one up before they’re sold out, because we all know hot items are always at risk of selling out.

Pro Tip: Bruh! Stay Stealth!!

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