How Good Are They? Armada Wave V Ships UNBOXED!



The new Wave V release for FFG’s Star Wars Armada is finally here! Come get the latest scoop before you go out and buy your new ships.

Well folks, here’s the latest and greatest for Star Wars Armada from Fantasy Flight Games.



Let’s take a look at the Phoenix Home Expansion, the small base ship for the Rebels.


At $30 retail, the Phoenix Home, this is a really nice painted ship, and very unique looking ship for the Rebels.armada-phoenix-home-ship-cards

These are on par with the Imperial Light Cruiser as far as firepower and point costs go. Both have the new Fleet Command upgrade, which if you haven’t heard of it yet is a great addition to these ships, and I think about we will all be able to agree on that.

You’re getting 10 upgrade cards, with 3 of those being the new Fleet Command upgrades, giving a lot of boosts to your squadron abilities. Commander Sato is also making an appearance allowing you to play black dice at range 3, and as we all know this is a huge advantage! The Phoenix Home title is giving you 1 additional officer slot and you can be assigned up to 4 command tokens, this is definitely giving you a lot of flexibility in how you build this ship.


Alright, let’s talk about the Imperial Light Cruiser. It’s coming with, as expected, a great looking fully painted ship. FFG does a great job at the painting of their ships and this one is no exception.


The Hand of Justice card is a huge win on the defensive end for the Imperials. Before you reveal a command you may exhaust this card to ready a defense token for another friendly ship range 1-5. Stack that with Reinforced Blast Doors where you can discard that card to get rid of 3 of your facedown damage cards and this is definitely increasing the survivability of your fleet.

The Imperial Light Cruiser is doing the side arc shuffle, not something we’re use to seeing from Imperials, but definitely something they need at times to keep a well rounded fleet. You’re getting 2 clicks at the furthest point of the speed you’re traveling which helps for some very tight fast maneuvering.


We also got new squadrons for both Imperial and Rebels. Nothing too fancy here, but there are some new mechanics to checkout for sure!

It seems like you’re going to get better offensive squadron options with the Corellian Conflict Campaign box, which we will talk about in a later video. armada-wave-5-imperial-squadrons

You’re getting 4 brand new squadrons we haven’t seen yet. There are some good options if you’re wanting to increase or change up your squadron game. There are some heavy hitters here, especially anti squadron, and definitely something to take a look at and consider your options.

The Rebels are getting a nice little boost here. We’re seeing the new Snipe mechanic which allows you to ignore the Counter keyword. This is a huge increase to the survivability of your squadrons.

This is a pretty well rounded expansion overall, with a new small based ship and squadrons for both factions, now would be a great time to start upgrading those lists.

You can get a more in depth look by checking out the video below:

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