Is This How BIG the New Lord of Change Will Be?

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The New Lord of Change is coming in hot for Tzaanuary. Checkout some hints on just how big this model truly will be!

Tzaanuary is the gift that keeps on giving for all the Tzeentch fans out there. The release of the Lord of Change “miniature” is no different!

Let’s take a look back at the Bloodthirster, who’s arrival a few years back shook up the community just as much:


Bloodthirster, retail $115

When this model dropped, a great image for reference of Khorne’s most trusted minion made it’s rounds on the net as well:


From left to right we have;

  • the muli-part pewter Greater Daemon of Khorne circa 1988
  • the Bloodthirster circa 1995
  • 2015’s Plastic Bloodthirster
  • An’ggrath Great Daemon of Khorne circa 2005 from Forge World.

Scaling up the current Lord of Change with the new one that was just revealed over the weekend, based on the Bloodthirster picture above for reference, we get approximately the following:

new lord of change scale

Games Workshop says:

This towering Daemon of Tzeentch stands as tall as a Bloodthirster and sits alongside Magnus, Nagash and the Imperial Knight as one of the most iconic and imposing centerpiece miniatures in the whole Citadel range.

“As tall as a Bloodthirster” may mean we can assume it will hit the market at the same price as the Bloodthirster, $115 USD. But for the size and quality of the model that will be money well spent, as you’ll definitely be putting your hobby muscles to work on this one.

lord of change2

Your Lord of Change has officially been pimped! What do you think of this possible scale of the new model?

Checkout our roundup of all the rumors for everyone’s favorite bringers of change below:


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