Who’s a Big Boy – Bloodthister Now & Then


What a difference 30 years can make on a model, check this out!

Checkout this progression and size comparison of the Bloodthirster now and then! From left to right we have;

  • the muli-part pewter Greater Daemon of Khorne circa 1988
  • the Bloodthirster circa 1995
  • 2015’s Plastic Bloodthirster
  • An’ggrath Great Daemon of Khorne circa 2005 from Forge World.

Original image source unknown.

Wanna see more, head over to our plastic Bloodthirster Unboxing article OR press play on the video version below!

Seems like we get a new Bloodthirster every 10 years or so! Maybe the next one will be a hologram, hahahaha!

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