Mysterious New Fall of Cadia Miniature Spotted!

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The Fall of Cadia has brought us another unexpected surprise. Can you figure out who this mystery Eldar miniature is hidden in the fog?

A figure appears in one of the books big dioramas, so far no one can identify it. So let’s take a look at the pictures and then go over the facts we know.

The Picture:

mystery eldar

An unknown character is spotted behind the Eldar Ulthwe army in this picture. It looks to have 2 spikes coming out of the top of the back, feathers or fur on its left arm, what appears to be a mask, and it’s wielding a nice big sword.

mystery eldarWhat appears to be the same exact figure is also spotted here in this Fall of Cadia picture that has been circling around. Crimson armor, fur or feathers, same two spikes on the back, and the sword looks to be thrown over the back. Now for the big question, who is it?

The Facts:
Webway Portal

We know this is a webway portal. The forces are using it to retreat to a, yet unrevealed, meeting with the Eldar leadership.

Abaddon Maelstorm

The Eldar are being mentioned again here. “Twice the Eldar hurled the Black Legion bloodily from the crest”, and we have yet to see a new hero model come out for them. Is this a preview of what we can expect in the future, more Eldar aid unlooked for?
Crimson Warrior

This section talks of two unknown characters. A female in an elaborate gown who appears to be an authoritative figure. Another new character?? Beside her is a warrior in crimson, his clothes echoing both Craftworld Aspect armor and the crueler plate of the Commorrite pirates. The part that immediately hints at a new character is that Cawl was unable to find a record of it’s design in any of the archives.

Of course after being the first 13th Black Crusade it looks like Eldrad also is returning to the fore of the “time of Ending” for 40k as well.

And of the fate of Creed? Looks like he has been “collected”.


A metal giant in a scaled cloak you say? Iridescent polygons? Sounding like anyone we know that was just on Cadia?

Let us know what you think. if you have anything to add we would like to hear it, please leave it in the comments below.

mystery eldar

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