Own the Skies With Steampunk Airships

By Zeb Barrett | January 4th, 2017 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products

steampunk airships

Take to the skies and make your enemies tremble in fear as your massive steampunk airships blot out the sun while dropping bombs!

There’s little scarier than standing in the shadow cast by giant steampunk airships and wondering when the bombs will start to drop!

Source: Burn In Designs

steampunk airships

Come fly with us and enjoy a view like no other from Zantini Air latest aircraft. Designed with you in mind you and your family can travel in style. Skip the winding road and long travel times and explore the sky. From our smallest Bluejay 2 passenger craft to our current largest Osprey, 8 passenger soarer, we have solutions to get you in the air today.

The Bluejay Airship: $45

steampunk airships

Sleek and fast the Bluejay is designed to get you to your destination with speed and grace. It’s long rigid, rigid airframe and sturdy metal cabin offer a level of protection seldom seen in an aircraft of this type.

The Red Robin Airship: $40

steampunk airships

With powerful twin engines, a large 4 passenger cabin and view ports front and rear the Red Robin is the perfect way to travel the world. Your cabin in the skies awaits.

The Osprey Airship: $65

steampunk airships

With our largest civilian air envelope, the Osprey is designed with long-distance travel in mind. The spacious cabin has room for up to 8 passengers and all the luxuries of home this is the only way to travel. The large quite running single fan engine allows unprecedented amounts of air time while keeping noises to a minimum. If you are looking to increase speed and maneuverability you can add the optional thrust package to increase airspeeds and allow the craft to turn sharper than any other ship of its size.

Head over to Burn In Designs to see a ton more pictures and find out more about these great looking Steampunk Ariships!

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