GW’s Big Release Dates for 2017 – Is 8th Edition One of Them?

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Games Workshop has sent some key dates to their store managers that may just herald the coming of 40k’s 8th edition this year!

There’s a lot of things that happen behind the scenes that the consumer usually doesn’t know about.

Well that’s going to change a little today, because these dates are Games Workshop’s confirmed “New Products, Key Activities, Large Promotions, or a combination of all” that they have restricted taking days off for.

  • February 18th & 25th. We already know February is all about Stormcast, so we can expect to see the new models hitting the stores both of these days.
  • April 1st & 8th. No April Fools jokes here, Games Workshop definitely has something planned for the first 2 weeks in April.
  • May 6th & 20th. Still a mystery what is planned for May, could we be looking at another Triumverate? Maybe Chaos?
  • June 3rd, 10th, & 17th. With 3 key dates in June this may just be the release of 8th Edition. What fresh hell awaits us?

Notice we’re not seeing any dates in March. Is this because Games Workshop is making plans around Adepticon?

February is no shock with the Stormcast push, but April and May remain a mystery. Of all these dates, is the safe bet we can expect to see the new 8th Edition going to be in June? If so you have 3 months to prepare, get ready.

Or will there be an 8th edition at all…?

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