Mad Cow Indeed! – K’daai Destroyer Army of One

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kdai 7Come take a look at this amazing Infernal Golem of Kashan Vra painted by White Metal Games. This guy is truly an Army of One!

Check out this customized Infernal Golem of Kashan Vra, from Titan Forge games, painted by White Metal Games, a miniature commission service for all your gaming needs.

This project has a lot of fun little details from the daemonic visages in the smoke stacks to the heated effects on the metal gubbins.


This lava splash was created using some old basing from a McFarlane toy, used to good effect here and layered from yellow to deep red.

kdai-1kdai-7“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.” – Oscar Wilde

A face only an daemonsmith could love!  If you are looking to have your own custom K’Daaii destroyer built, or any other model, then contact us at White Metal Games for an estimate for service.

Check out the complete 360 view video of this ENTIRE ARMY here!

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-Caleb Dillon, White Metal Games

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