Top 10 40k Long War Doubles Armies!

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Our friends at The Long War are bringing the hobby back with their 40K doubles event, here are some of the best armies we’ve seen today!

This amazing Deathwatch and Adeptus Mechanicus force features some of the slickest conversions we’ve seen!

Admech and Deathwatch

How many Death Company models did this pair of Blood Angels players bring?  …All of them!

Death Co SquaredThis joint Tempestus Scions and Deathwatch army really pops!

Deathwatch and Scions

The Eldar and Dark Angels are teaming up to fight the forces of Chaos in the Long War Doubles!

Eldar and Dark Angels

This alliance of Khorne Daemons brings tons of Crushers and Maulerfiends!

Khorne and Khorne

This Nurgle greeting crew is bringing the gifts of Nurgle’s blessing!

Nurgle and Nurgle

This awesome alliance of Orks is ready to Stomp da’umies!


Ravenguard and Iron Hands ride together in the Emperor’s name!

Raven Guard and Iron HandsThis classic Ultramarines alliance brought their own billboards!

Ultra Allies

These killer Space Marine scout armies are painted up like World War 2 US army forces!

US Army Scouts

Checkout Adepticon’s website for the full even line-up list, as we’ll try to cover as much as we can! Checkout the links below for our last eight years of covering the event from the hobby trenches, it’s been a blast.

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