New Blue & Fire Daemon Miniatures from Bitspudlo!

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Efreet Sapphire Daemons

Bitspudlo has released a set of highly detailed daemons miniatures that will have daemon lovers wanting to add them to their ranks. Come check them out!

These Sapphire Daemon Miniatures boast long arms and and look good with other Bitspudlo daemons such as their Fire Terrors!

Daemon Sapphire Efreets11.27

Daemon Sapphire Efreets

This set contains highly detailed 4 Sapphire Efreet models and 4 resin bases. Daemon Sapphire Efreets models are approx. 20 mm high (but they hands reach far beyond that!). Kit includes following components:4 Sapphire Efreet body, 4 pair of hands, 4 round resin bases (25mm).

The coin and Daemon Fire Terrors shown for scale purpose – they are not part of this set. Daemon Fire Terrors available separately. Model supplied unpainted. Models are made from high-quality resin

Daemon Sapphire Efreets

Daemon sapphire efreets

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