New Greater Good Miniatures On The Way In Resin!

Greater Good

New Greater Good miniatures from Wargame Exclusive will have Tau players wanting to add them to their armies. Come take a look!

Source: Wargame Exclusive

A new female miniature (possibly sniper spotter/fireblade) and the Darkstriker are set be released within in the next two weeks. Designed by Grimskull, these miniatures are beautiful additions to the Greater Good.

Female Sniper/Fireblade

Greater Good


Greater Good


Greater Good Greater Good

These fine miniatures will make great additions to your Tau armies or any other other sci-fi army or campaign.

For more information on the Greater Good and other products, visit Wargame Exclusive and their Facebook!

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  • Sybarite

    Seriously? Undressing the tau female soldiers? Rubbish

    • Vitaly Margevich

      It’s Wargame Exclusive… Don’t like it myself, but you have to admit, they do great sculpts.

      • Sybarite

        Dont know if that makes it worse or better.

        Still looks really stupid.

    • Yewshua Tensei

      It’s good stuff

      • Sybarite

        Sexualized little blue aliens. Yay. Let’s rip off the armor of the men too, show those abs

        • Jimmy So

          totally. just look at those fine toned biceps of the darkstrider model while wearing no under armor, its totally unrealistic and renders the armor dangerous and uncomfortable, as a nonbinary cis man i demand the darkstrider model to be twinkafied. oh we’re talking about the female model? well that just empowers women as she kills the male guardsmen to spread the matriarchy. but seriously where is artistic freedom now?

          • Sybarite

            Nonbinary cis man? O_o
            Haha yeah. Totally…

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