Sanguinius’ Blood Angels 8th Edition Rules Spotted

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More and more leaks are happening and the Blood Angels have been revealed. Let’s see take a peek at how they will play in 8th Edition!

Imgur has given us another nice surprise with a big rules leak for the Blood Angels in 8th edition.

Blood Angels Wargear

Blood Angels Index 18

This should get ideas flowing as to how you will equip your squads.

Blood Angel Point Values

Blood Angels Index 22

Let’s see what squad compositions will change in 8th Edition.

Blood Angels Chapter Intro and Sanguinary Discipline

Blood Angels Index

Something to notice: command squads no longer exist. They are broken up into Company Champion, Company Ancient, Company Veteran, and Apothecary.

This was a huge rules leak for the Blood Angel fans out there, we’re finally getting to see more than what Games Workshop wants us to see.

What do you think about the new Blood Angels Rules? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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