How Will Space Marines Work in 8th Edition 40k? Index Imperium I

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Index Imperium 1

With 8th Edition getting ever closer, we take our first look at the last of five indexes being released on June 17th: Imperium 1.

The Index: Imperium 1 book is 224 pages worth of information, rules, and datasheets for all Space Marine chapters and the general Space Marine unit and equipment lists. Now that we have our hands on this Index, we dove right in. A more thorough Tips and Tactics breakdown for all the indexes and factions will be coming in the near future. So, get ready to praise the Emperor! Here is a sample of our full review.

Now, the five indexes are merely transitional as they are intended to hold us over unit Codexes are released. GW has left things spread out a bit so that they can be changed easily if necessary. A caveat that will come into play when wanting to have different units from different armies in your detachment. This comes in the form of  the majority of detachment restrictions that state “All units must be from the same faction”.

This restriction can be bypassed if stated otherwise in a faction’s army list (like for the Genestealer Cult). For Space Marines, they are broken down by the “Chapter” keyword. We cannot stress this enough that this will be important as certain abilities can only be used by certain Chapters. Only command units can affect squads whose “Chapter” keyword they share.

Also, every Space Marine list will have a wargear listing with exceptions and exclusions as to what can be equipped.

Space Marines

Now, the Blood Angels still do not have access to Centurions and Thunderfires. Yet, their Abilities are decent and their Sanguinary Discipline psyker powers are quite good. Now, Brother Corbulo may be a must have for your Blood Angel lists. His “Far-Seeing Eye” ability allows him to re-roll a single die once per turn. The wording for his “Narthecium” is very interesting as it allows a Blood Angel unit within 3″ of Corbulo with a wounded model to auto-regain D3 lost wounds. If the wounded unit has also lost one or more of its models, roll a D6. On a 4+, a slain model is returned with 1 wound remaining. If Corbulo fails, he cannot do anything else for the rest of the turn and his Narthecium skill can only be used once per unit, per turn.

Corbulo has a 94 point value with wargear included.

Brother Corbulo

Index: Imperium 1: $25


One of five books covering the range of Citadel miniatures used to play games of Warhammer 40,000, Index: Imperium 1 is an essential purchase for those wanting to play games of Warhammer 40,000, packed with updated rules and complete points values for Space Marines armies*.

It includes 207 datasheets covering the Space Marines range of miniatures, with overviews of a number of Chapters. Updated abilities, psychic powers, weapon profiles and points values allow you to field your collection in games of Warhammer 40,000. There’s also a blank army roster and detachment roster, which you are free to photocopy and use when building a Battle-Forged army in Matched Play games.

Covered in the 224-page softback book:

Adeptus Astartes
– An overview of the Space Marines, including a typical Chapter organisation;
– A Space Marines army list, with explanations of the Chapter keyword, the Librarius psychic discipline and the And They Shall Know No Fear Ability;
– 70 datasheets for Space Marines miniatures.

– An overview of the Ultramarines;
– 10 datasheets for Ultramarines miniatures.

Blood Angels
– An overview of the Blood Angels;
– A Blood Angels army list, with the Sanguinary psychic discipline and And They Shall Know No Fear, Black Rage, and Jump Pack Assault abilities;
– 18 datasheets for Blood Angels miniatures.

Dark Angels
– An overview of the Dark Angels;
– A Dark Angels army list, with the Interromancy psychic discipline and the And They Shall Know No Fear, Unforgiven and Jink Abilities;
– 26 datasheets for Dark Angels miniatures, including the Fortress of Redemption.

Space Wolves
– An overview of the Space Wolves;
– A Space Wolves army list, with the Tempestus psychic discipline, Space Wolves Dreadnought wargear and the And They Shall Know No Fear ability;
– 46 datasheets for Space Wolves miniatures.

– An overview of the Deathwatch;
– A Deathwatch army list, with the Special Issue Ammunition and the And They Shall Know No Fear abilities;
– 7 datasheets for Deathwatch miniatures.

Grey Knights
– An overview of the Grey Knights;
– A Grey Knights army list, with the Sanctic psychic discipline, and the And They Shall Know No Fear, Daemon Hunters, Rites of Banishment and Teleport Strike abilities;
– 17 datasheets for Deathwatch miniatures.

Imperial Fists
– An overview of the Imperial Fists;
– A datasheet for Captain Lysander.

Crimson Fists
– An overview of the Crimson Fists;
– A datasheet for Pedro Kantor.

Black Templars
– An overview of the Black Templars;
– 5 datasheets for Black Templars miniatures.

Raven Guard
– An overview of the Raven Guard;
– A datasheet for Kayvaan Shrike.

– An overview of the Salamanders;
– A datasheet for Vulkan He’stan.

White Scars
 An overview of the White Scars;
– 2 datasheets for Kor’sarro Khan, on foot or on bike.

Legion of the Damned
– An overview of the Legion of the Damned;
– A datasheet for Legion of the Damned miniatures.

Flesh Tearers
– An overview of the Flesh Tearers;
– A datasheet for Gabriel Seth.

Be sure to check out our First Look video on Index: Imperium 1 and be sure to check out our videos on the other four Indexes.

Be sure to check back with us daily for more 8th Edition news and reviews. For more on the Index: Imperium 1 and all things Warhammer 40,000 head on over to Games Workshop!


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