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death guard 8th hor chaosThe new Plague Marine box will be out soon and they’re bring a new weapon with them. Come take a look at the new Blight Launcher for the Death Guard!

The new First Strike box will be out soon, but some people have already got their hands on it. We’re getting a look at the new Plague Marine datasheet courtesy of twitch user Zydlik.

New Plague Marine DatasheetCheckout all the rules images for Primaris and Death Guard Models here.

We already know the rules for the standard Plague Marines that came with the Dark Imperium starter. But, the new Plague Marines datasheet that is in the new boxes are coming with a their new weapon as well, the Blight Launcher (which was not shown in any starter set as of yet).

It has a 24″ range, Assault 2, Strength 6, Ap -2, does D3 Damage, and you can re-roll wound rolls of 1 because it’s a Plague Weapon.

So not only does it have a nice long range, you can also fire it even if you advanced that turn. But doing so, you will have to subtract 1 from any hit rolls made with that weapon. Regardless, it’s still a great option to have. This is looking like it might be a great option to put on your Plague Marines, what do you think?

There is also mention of “Plague Weapon:” which may have more meaning when the codex book is published.

Reiver H&S Wal Hor primaris

With the new First Strike box set we’re also seeing the new datasheet for the Primaris Reivers:

Scanner is hard at work again getting us he new Primaris Reivers datasheet, and this one is in English. So let’s take a look at a much easier to understand datasheet.

Revier Datasheet


This unit contains 1 Reiver Sergeant and 2 Reivers. (so it’s not a minimum squad of 5 in a 3 box form, sorry internet haters) 

Each miniature is equipped with a heavy bolter gun, a shock grenade, fragmentation grenades, and krak grenades. We’re getting a better understanding of how the shock grenades are going to work as well. It doesn’t inflict any damage. Instead, each time it hits an enemy infantry unit they are stunned until the end of the turn. They cannot fire Overwatch and must subtract 1 from any hit rolls made for that unit. At the end of the turn all effects go away, and the effects do not stack.

Now, this raises another question on the wording of the rules for the shock grenades. The subtract 1 for any hit rolls made for the enemy unit. If the effects go away at the end of the turn, and the enemy unit can’t fire Overwatch already, then the subtract 1 looks to just be for combat?

The turn is for the active player, then your turn is over. A battle round is is the new name for the old terms of Turn 1, 2 etc. It is now battle round 1,2,3…

Did Games Workshop mean to say until the end of the game (or battle) round? Hopefully we’ll get an FAQ here soon to clear it up.


None the less, with the shock grenades, overwatch units are going to have a tough time getting Reivers down before they reach them. They have 2 Wounds, 3+ WS/BS, Strength 4, Toughness 4, Leadership 7, and 2 attacks.

The Sergeant is exactly the same, except he get 3 Attacks and has a Leadership of 8. They have the And They Will Know No Fear and Terror Troops abilities. The Terror Troops ability, subtracting 1 from Leaderships.

40k Reiver Tactica Terrain

One thing to note is the Keywords. The Reivers do not have the <Chapter> Keyword, instead it has been replaced with Ultramarines.

Games Workshop already teased the points for the Reivers, as well as their weapons below.

You’ll be able to find rules and points for the Poxwalkers, Plague Marines and Intercessors in their respective indexes, while Reivers will have their rules in their box. You’ll also be able to add these guys to your matched play games and your Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Blood Angels and Deathwatch armies with our rules PDF.

Primaris Captain Librarian Reiver Squads

The Reiver Squad is coming in at 18 points per model, so a squad of five will end up costing you 90 points, with the heavy bolt pistol and shock grenades being free to take. Once again the Primaris Captain is going to cost you 87 points and the Librarian is coming in at 93 points.

All in all these models aren’t too expensive to add to your army, and the Reivers are definitely seeming like they’re going to be worth the points you pay per model. We’ll find out for sure though when they reveal the rules.

There’s a couple special rules to note if you want to take these models in your other factions.  Dark Angels Primaris Librarians gain the Deathwing keyword and the Unforgiven Ability. Space Wolves Primaris Librarians generate their powers from the Tempestas discipline instead on the Librarius discipline.

How are you going to use these new models in your army? Let us know in the comments below.

Page Primaris Head

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