New Reiver, Aggressors & HQs SPOTTED

CenturionToday we’re getting a look at the new Reivers box, Aggressors, and some photos that Games Workshop put out that holds some hidden gems. 

Miniwars posted two new pics of the rumored box art for the new Primaris Aggressors, and Reivers. This is a rumor, so don’t forget your salt. But, let’s take a look and you be the judge.salt pile

The new Primaris Aggressors look a lot like some drawings from the past we just saw again recently.

Aggressor Squad

An Aggressor Squad is a Primaris Space Marine unit, that is equipped with shoulder mounted missile racks, that are reloaded from internal armour stores located within the Agressors’ Gravis power armour. They also wield Flame Gauntlets, that billow forth burning promethium.

That picture was originally on display back in 2004 during the Games Day event. Have we know about these for almost 13 years? While the pictures of the supposed new boxes were being leaked,

Games Workshop decided to give us a preview as well with the image below. The image came from their Codex: Space Marine First Look.

This picture is giving us a good look at the new Aggressors, Apothecary, and what looks to be a new Chaplain and plasma variant Inceptor models.

It looks like Games Workshop is going to have a lot of new models coming our way for the Primaris Space Marines. What do you think about everything? Let us know in the comments below.

Page Primaris Head

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  • Mongoose

    I really love the Plasma equipped Inceptor variant above the Agressors. I can’t wait to get those. Their helmet looks almost like some sort of welding helmet with a slit eye piece.

    • Yeah, I didn’t get the Inceptors at first, but the idea that they are void-fighters, as well as jump-troops sold me on then, & the visors make them look all the more like EVA troops. Can’t wait to see the stats for those plasma weapons, too…

      • Dan Wilson

        Since their assault bolters are basically heavy bolters I can imagine the plasma weapons are basically plasma cannons.

  • The Aggressors have been previously rumoured to have flamer-gauntlets, but the ones in these pics clearly have bolters. An option, perhaps?

    • Nick Davidson

      Probably but iirc the original description of those weapons was ‘mini versions of Gullimans’ so bolter plus flamer?

  • Lee Mooney

    you missed the Primaris Space Marine apothecary

  • Winter warrior

    Need more $

  • Paul Pilcher

    They let these out but cant get a release date for the Redemptor Dreadnought?

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