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Menoth protectorate

New novel explores the life of Menoth heroes Travis Durant and Heirarch Severius as they investigate dark visions and and struggle with their faith.

Godless is the first book in the Fire and Faith series that has Menoth hero Tristan Durant, once a refugee and now a priest and warcaster, struggles with his faith as he investigates dark visions and warnings of a rising threat to the theocracy. Joined by Heirarch Severius, they face the godless enemy that is the Skorne. Durant will have to choose a side to defeat enemies from without and within. This release comes in ePub, Mobi, and PDF eBook formats.


Fire and Faith Godless 1

To Protect the Protectorate…

Tristan Durant, once a refugee from Llael and now a priest and warcaster of the Protectorate of Menoth, struggles with his faith and his role. When a dark vision of the future warns of a rising threat to the theocracy, he returns with Hierarch Severius to the homeland for an epic confrontation against the godless enemy, the skorne. And when the Protectorate is thrown into turmoil by internal political machinations, Tristan Durant must choose a side to prevent the skorne from enslaving the faithful, and his choice will determine his fate—or have it determined for him.

Authored by: Orrin Grey

Included eBook formats: ePub – Mobi – PDF
Hierarch Severius
Severius’ voice has always resonated with sacred power, and he demonstrates a strength and surety that belies his age. Those who attend him can see and hear the power of unchecked divinity conveyed through his words and deeds. He has vowed to make it his life’s work to unite the Menites of western Immoren, to spread the True Faith to all of humanity, and to usher in a new age by hammering the cathedrals of Morrow to rubble and erecting new temples to the Lawgiver.

Sovereign Tristan Durant: $16.99

Sovereign Tristan Durant

Since becoming a full-fledged warcaster, Tristan Durant has been elevated to high station as a sovereign of the Protectorate. He serves the Creator by spreading the word of Menoth to all who would hear it. Though compassionate, Durant does not hesitate to unleash holy wrath in Menoth’s name upon his enemies, particularly when such foes threaten the safety of the growing flock under his protection.

Godless, Tristan Durant, and Heirarch Severius are available now.

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