From Resin to Gold : Adeptus Custodes

Kenny is trying out some awesome gold paints from the masterminds over at Scale75 on Forgeworld’s Adpetus Custodes Ixion Hale!

Welcome back 40K fanatics! Today Kenny Boucher from Next Level Painting is here to show us how to paint some amazing golds,

Kenny is trying out some awesome gold paints from the masterminds over at Scale75!  Before starting any hobby project involving resin models, its a good idea to clean them with some warm water with dish soap.  The dish soap is great at cutting through the mold release and other chemicals left on the model.

Ixion Hale Cleaning

Once the model is cleaned and primed Kenny uses an increasingly bright set of Gold and Silver paints to lay down some soft zenithal highlighting to make the model pop!

Ixion Hale Gold Start

It’s important to make sure you seal your model once the main colors are in place.  In this instance Kenny chooses to coat the model in some gloss varnish.  This protects the model as well as creates a super smooth layer to help break up the surface tension when Kenny applies his washes.

Ixion Hale Gold Pre-wash

Once the wash has had time to dry, its a good idea to hit the model with a quick coat of matte varnish.  The varnish will protect your hard earned work and remove the ultra glossy look the washes leave, as well as provide a surface with excellent grip for the remainder of your paints.

Ixion Hale Gold FinishedCheck out the entire painting guide here!

If you are interested in checking out the other videos Kenny has related to this and other amazing models, check out his other work!

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