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repulsor tankCome take a look at the complete Primaris Repulsor Grav-Tank datasheet from the new 8th Edition Codex: Space Marines. No salt required!

It appears that the rumors we covered in our last article were somewhat correct.

Thanks to Winter SEO, who put out a review vid for the Codex: Space Marines, we now know what the Repulsor Grav-Tank is packing and can start planning out lists.

It has the following stats that we had been hearing about; W16, M10, with a 3+ save, plus it comes with assortment of weapons, and special rules.

Looks like units charging it must subtract 2 from their rolls made against a Repulsor. It’s Auto Launcher will force any enemies targeting it to subtract 1 from all their hit rolls for ranged weapons made against it.

Repulsor Grav Tank Datasheet 1

Repulsor Grav Tank Datasheet 3

Checkout the screen caps above for all the weapon options and more!

Just in case you missed it, here is what we knew about the Repulsor Grav-Tank from releases to rumors.

This new tank is one of the new armoured vehicles that accompanies the Primaris Space Marines to war. Like their arms and armour, it was forged on Mars, and is recognisably of the same STC origins as its predecessors.

Space Marine Repulsor

Could this be ancient technology long lost and uncovered once more, or has Cawl been “tinkering” with Omnissiah-blessed technologies? This new war machine stands ready to crush its way to war alongside the tried and tested Predator and Land Raider tanks of the Space Marine Chapters.

The latest rumor was spotted over on Miniwars and it’s showing the stats for the new Repulsor tank. Now this is a rumor, and it’s claiming to be from a good source on Faeit 212, so add a lot of salt either way. Then when you’re done, maybe add a little more.

salt pile

Translated with Google Translate:

According to reliable sources of  Faeit 212  e ste is the profile of the reptilian transport Repulsor of the Marines Primaris. For the moment as always is best to take it as a rumor. Thanks to  Patesi  for sharing:

Patesi wrote this on Disqus:

Space Marine Repulsor

via good sources on Faeit 

Power level 14

S7 T8 W13 Sv3+

Turret – Heavy Lascannon, Heavy Stubber

*Resolve shots with Heavy Stubber first, if the Heavy Lascannon targets a unit hit by the Stubber, it may reroll misses

Hull-mounted Twin Lascannon, swivels up/down and left/right

Rotor cannon is a pintle mounted upgrade

Missiles: Roll a D6 at the start of each fight phase for each enemy
unit within 1″, on a 4+ it takes D3 mortal wounds (slightly better Frag
Assault Launchers)

Transport Capacity 7, can only transport Primaris Marines

Decays its Movement/BS/Attacks as it loses wounds

Movement 10″ BS 3+ Attacks 3 base

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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