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Devil Pig Games has began a private pre-order phase for the Heroes of Black Reach board game and has a preview at core content and pricing.

Yes, you read right. Devil Pig Games began a private pre-order on July 10th and what has been discussed at length is the poor marketing of this private pre-order that has prospective fans scratching their heads. The private pre-order was only made available to those who had created an account on their site by July 10th.

News of this requirement was not properly communicated with several sites reporting that a pre-order was available from the start.

Forum moderators for Devil Pig Games have stated that an open pre-order will begin in mid-September. The projected date for the pre-orders to ship out is March 2018.

WIP Heroes of black reach

These punch outs give us a preview as to what we can expect to find as part of the core game. Several of the elements are still a work in progress, which is to be expected at this early a stage.

Heroes of Black Reach Orks

These punch out previews give us an idea as to Ork and Space Marine squads and special units will look like and function.

Heroes of Black Reach Space Marines

The Pre-order packs come in Company and Chapter packs alongside the the pre-order for the base game and extra elements. Prices range from €220 to €65 depending on the size of the pre-order pack. The game elements range €12 to €30. Game elements include reinforcement boxes, storage boxes, and card decks. More previews and detailed information will be coming as we draw closer to the open pre-order date in September and the full release date in 2018.

Chapter Offer: €220

Chapter Black Reach

This item is a bundle of products:

  • Heroes of Black Reach – english
  • Vanguard squad – Ultramarines
  • Zogrim the Kharnager
  • Freebooterz – Orks
  • Ultramarines reinforcement – english
  • Orks reinforcement – english
  • Imperial Gazette #1 – english
  • Ultramarines deck box
  • Ultramarines storage boxes
  • Ultramarines storage boxes
  • Orks deck box
  • Orks storage boxes
  • Orks storage boxes
  • HoBR Game Elements storage boxes



Company Black Reach

This item is a bundle of products:

  • Heroes of Black Reach – english
  • Vanguard squad – Ultramarines
  • Zogrim the Kharnager
  • Freebooterz – Orks
  • Ultramarines reinforcement – english
  • Orks reinforcement – english
  • Imperial Gazette #1 – english


Core Bundle Black Reach

By the time Captain Sicarius and the Ultramarines taskforce arrived on the hive world of Black Reach, Waaagh! Zanzag controlled most of the northern continent. Only three of the twelve major hive cities still held out. When the Strike Cruiser Valin’s Revenge made orbit, the defences of Ghospora, the largest of the three towering hive cities still free, were faltering. Zanzag was a Warboss of uncommon mekaniacal skill and had perfected a design for supacharged shootaz that could punch through a Leman Russ’ armour plating or even a Space Marine’s power armour. With such weapons at their command, the brutal Ork invaders were annihilating Black Reach’s defenders.

Wasting no time in contemplation, Sicarius ordered his Battle-Brothers to their Drop Pods and directed the Valin’s Revenge to begin an orbital bombardment of Ghospora’s attackers. The Drop Pod assault landed hard on the heels of the bombardment. In a brief but bloody battle, the Ultramarines cast the Orks from Ghospora’s walls, forcing a bloodied and beaten Zanzag to retreat. Scarcely had the battlecries ceased than Sicarius was on the move again. Leaving a portion of his force to bolster Ghospora’s defences, Sicarius took off in search of the leader of the Waaagh!

With Sicarius and the bulk of the Ultramarines now elsewhere, the Orks renewed their assault on Ghospora Hive. Unfortunately for the greenskins, Sicarius had foreseen the possibility and ordered the deployment of several Thunderfire cannon to strengthen the hive’s defences. No sooner did the assault get underway than a salvo of shells tore through the advancing Orks and drove them back to the shelter of the petrified forests surrounding Ghospora Hive.

Meanwhile, Sicarius’ search for Zanzag continued. Thunderhawk and Land Speeder reconnaissance patrols identified several Ork encampments along the Blackwallow River. In the space of a week, Sicarius planned and led strikes against each, but although plenty of supacharged shootaz were in evidence, Zanzag was nowhere to be found. After the fourth ramshackle fort was reduced to rubble, Sicarius received an urgent request for assistance from the Black Reach Planetary Defence Forces defending Sulphora Hive. Torn between duties, Sicarius reluctantly abandoned his hunt for Zanzag’s base of operations and headed south to Sulphora, leaving the search in the hands of two squads of Scouts under the command of Sergeant Telion.

Assault on Black Reach, Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines codex, 5th Edition

OFFER: the promotional punchboard of Zogrim the Kharnager !

More informations about the Heroes System Tactical Scale.


  • Ultramarine forces: Sergeant Telion, Chaplain Elianu Trajan, Veteran Sergeant Daceus, one Tactical Squad (Vandar), one Scout Squad and all their options as Rhino, Land Speeder Storm, Predator tank, Razorback tank
  • Ork forces: Goff Warboss Rockbrakah, Snake Bites Weirdboy Gravebrakka and his psychic powers, Evil Suns Mek Grugnoz, Bad Moon Boyz, Goff Stormboyz, Death Skull Burna Boyz and all their options as Nobz, Trukk, Deff Dread, Battlewagon, Warbuggy et Mek Gunz
  • All the necessary game elements for playing
  • 6 terrain tiles (planet: black reach, outside the hives)
  • 2 Ultramarines dice
  • 2 Orks dice
  • 1 Ultramarines action card deck (50 cards)
  • 1 Orks action card deck (50 cards)
  • Rules and a scenario campaign

Expanding beyond the Normandy bocages of the Heroes of Normandy game line, Devil Pig Games will be releasing Heroes of Blackreach on June 19th. There will not be a Kickstarter for this and the game will be using their Heroes System tactical Scale that has been adapted for the 40K universe.

Heroes of Black Reach

In the world-hive of Black Reach, an Ork Waaagh! breaks, jeopardizing this sector of the galaxy! You will soon be able to help the Ultramarines in their merciless fight against the Warlord Zanzag and relive the grim adventures of Captain Cato Sicarius and Sergeant Scout Marines Torias Telion!

Warhammer 40,000 is a vast, rich universe full of epic heroes, monstrous villains and a host of unique characters in between. Here, you’ll learn more about the forces vying for power, territory, and glory across the galaxy. The Adeptus Astartes, alongside the vast war machine that is the Astra Militarum and other forces of the Imperium, fight with everything at their disposal to defend Mankind and the Emperor’s realm. The forces of the Dark Gods, whether mortal or daemonic, seek dominion by tearing through the veil of reality itself and letting the power of the Warp flood the galaxy. All the while, alien races – from the barbarous Orks to the technologically advanced Tau Empire, from the ancient empire of the Necrons to their nemeses the Aeldari – look to carve out their own future amongst the stars. Will you fight for duty or vengeance? Will you raise an army for survival or the sheer bloody joy of the kill? With which force will you wage war in the far future?

For more information on Heroes of Black Reach and to stay up to date on its development, visit Devil Pig Games.

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