3 Steps To Painting Death Guard Nurgle Corrosion

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With the upcoming releases of the Death Guard and Chaos Space Marine codices come see a fast and easy way to paint pitted and rusted corrosion.

Welcome back 40K fanatics! Today Kenny has an amazing Next Level Painting tutorial for how to paint Death Guard Nurgle Corrosion!

This time we’re painting corroded Death Guard weaponry using mostly GW technical paints and a few of the always awesome Secret Weapon new 15 series!  if you’ve been following along with Kenny’s other tutorials you’re already familiar with this bad boy!


Today we’re focusing solely on this crazy corroded axe he carries.  Kenny starts off by painting the haft of the axe with a nice black, and the head with two coats of Games Workshop’s Typhus Corrosion technical paint.

Typhus Corruption

Once the technical paints are dry its time to highlight the metallic portions of the weapon.  Using some P3 silver colors Kenny works the metal parts up through the corruption to form a nasty dirty weapon!


Once the metallics are dry and the weapon is sealed with clear coat, its time to begin painting the rust effects!  Kenny starts with GW’s killer Ryza Rust technical paint.  By extremely thinning it down he is able to get very natural looking rust patterns on the axe head.  Using a series of increasingly bright rust colors the rust effect is amplified and used to bring out the details in the weapon.


Check out the whole video in the link below for paint lists and more details!

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