6 Years of Painted Grey Knights on Parade

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Welcome back 40K Fanatics! Today were delving into the depths of Spikey Bits’ past to bring you this army profile of an awesome Grey Knights collection!

Long ago in a time of Darkness known as 6th edition, Rob Baer had a vision.  A vision of a Grey Knights army so massive it couldn’t conceivably be used in a single game!  This fantastic collection of models is the result of that vision.

Army full

This army is filled with awesome conversions like these Acolytes made from Empire archers and Cadian shock troops.


This fabulous Grey Knights Strike Squad is just one of many such units concocted to expand the army.  Note the awesome glowing eyes and lightning wreathed force weapons!

Strike squad

What Grey Knights army is complete without Terminators?  These guys are playable as both Paladins and their (somewhat) lesser brethren.


Check out the entire army in the link below!

Interested in showing off your work on Spikey Bits?  We want those pics!

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