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Wyrd Games has several new releases for the month of August for Malifaux Second Edition. Here is what you can expect to see!

The August releases for Malifaux Second Edition are here and they feature the Arcanists, Ten Thunders, Henchmen, and Ressurectionists. Wyrd Games is bringing Witching Thralls, Amina Naidu, Sun Quiang, and Goryo to the table. Each kit will have one or two miniatures inside with stat cards. The miniatures come cast in high quality plastic and come with excellent detail that deserves a good paint scheme. Several of their miniatures have been used as conversions and substitutes for various other war games.

Malifaux 2E: Resurrectionists – Goryo: $21

goryo malifaux

Goryo are the spirits of strong-willed warriors or lords who martyred themselves in battle. Their will is such that they are able to bind lesser spirits to themselves, gaining power and skill from the spirits they subsume. If a Goryo can be controlled, it may prove to be well worth the effort. Unlike most spirits which act out of sheer rage or hunger, the Goryo brings with it all of its knowledge of martial prowess and tactical skill.

32mm ‘Heroic’ Scale

Malifaux 2E: Arcanists – Amina Naidu: $11

amina-naidu malifaux

Amina is a lawyer in Ridley who protects M&SU interests. Unlike many other practitioners of the legal arts in Malifaux, she genuinely cares about people and fights diligently for the rights of the common man against the oppressive Guild.

Many of the people of Ridley know her as a bustling whirlwind of papers with a half-smile that only stops to make a witty comment. Amina’s dry sense of humour often goes over people’s heads, but she never slows down long enough to mind.

Her work in Ridley has had great results, and she is a significant reason as to why the Guild has never been able to establish a true legal foothold there. Despite her diligent work for the Union, she pays homage to mysterious patrons from Earth, who originally sent her to Malifaux to gather intel on the political workings of things beyond the Breach. Even so, her compassion for those she represents is genuine, and she never gives up on a case.

Malifaux 2E: Ten Thunders – Sun Quiang: $11

sun-quiang malifaux

Sun Quiang is a famed healer from the Three Kingdoms. He is an expert in the arts of medicine, and his talents were sought from across the land by the sick and the dying.

The Guild arrested his son on false charges of treason and the sale of illegal weapons. Desperate, Sun Quiang sought the aid of the dreaded Ten Thunders, who agreed to raid the prison where his son was held, so long as Sun Quiang agreed to serve them. They kept their word, and the Thunders whisked Sun Quiang to Malifaux, where he now plies his trade aiding their injured warriors and keeping their Rail Workers on the lines far longer than human stamina should allow.

Secretly, he curses his new masters, but Sun Quiang is a man of his word. He has resigned himself to his fate. The only line that he will not cross is to do harm. He has sworn himself to heal the sick and the dying, and he does so regardless of who they are. The Thunders allow this, so long as he remains useful.

Witching Thralls: $18

Malifaux WitchlingThralls

There you have the August releases for Malifaux 2nd Edition.

For more on the world of Malifaux, miniatures, and more, visit Wyrd Games!

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