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By Juan Lopez | August 6th, 2017 | Categories: Chaos, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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Chaos Space Marine Warlord Traits have just been spotted for the upcoming Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Let’s see what is worth taking!

Seen in a review video by Winter SEO, the Chaos Space Marine Warlord Traits cover two pages and contain 13 total traits.

Those 13 are split into 7 Legion-specific traits and 6 generic traits that can be taken by any Legion.

Warlord Traits Chaos

The Legion-specific traits do provide your chosen Legion with powerful skills and buffs that will compliment your stratagems and relics. The Alpha Legion “I Am Alpahrius” trait allows your warlord to randomly equip on of the generic six traits as well the Legion specific one. if he dies, you can select another Alpha Legion Character as the warlord and equip another random trait. The worst part of this trait, for your opponent that is, is if the match has Slay the Warlord objective, all Alpha Legion characters must be killed in order to complete it. Black Legion has the Death to False Emperor triggering on a 5+ that are within 6″ of the Warlord. Relic aside, the Black Legion stratagem, psychic discipline, and re-rolled failed hit rolls if you take Abaddon as your Warlord, makes the Black Legion very strong this edition.

Named Character Chaos warlord listThere is also a list of named characters that must take their Legion’s trait if they are the warlord. However, Cypher can never equip a Warlord Trait. Remember, the Legion-specific Warlord Traits are not limited to Named Characters. Any warlord you choose can equip them.

Chaos Warlord traits

As for the six generic Warlord Traits, Unholy Fortitude looks like it might be the go-to trait as it adds +1 to the Warlord’s wound characteristic and allows your Warlord to shrug off wounds on a roll of 6. The other traits can be used based on what your chosen Warlord character is missing from their abilities. Of course, if these traits don’t light your fire, then your Warlord can equip a Legion-specific Trait.

There are the Warlord Traits from the Codex: Chaos Space Marines. They definitely do add to the flavor of Chaos play. We cannot wait for the traits, disciplines, stats, and relics that we will see in Death Guard or Thousand Sons codices. Stop back by next week for our first look and then tips and tactics breakdown of these Warlord Traits.

What are your thoughts on these Traits? Were you hoping for your Legion-specific one to be powerful or functional? Let us know in the comments below.

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