16 Codex Grey Knights Stratagems Are Here

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The Grey Knights Codex is just a week away from release. Let’s take a look at their Stratagems to get you hyped up even further!

Seen in a review video by Winter SEO, the Grey Knights Stratagems covers 2 pages and contains 16 stratagems.

Several of these stratagems have been carried over from the Codex: Space Marines, such as Tactical Flexibility, Honor the Chapter, or Orbital Bombardment. That being said, there several Grey Knight exclusive stratagems to look forward to.

Grey Knight Codex Stratagems

Unique stratagems include Psychic Onlsaught with the cost of 2CP. Used before a Grey Knight units shoots, this strat improves the Strength and Armor Penetration characteristics of any gatling psilencers, heavy psycannons, psilencers, and psycannons fired by said unit by +1 for that phase.

Psybolt Ammunition has returned for all those Grey Knights fans from 5th Edition. This bolter version of Psychic Onslaught gives more options to Grey Knight players load out wise. Grey knights stratagems 3

Another awesome strat is Heed the Prognosticars. At the cost of 2CP, the chosen Grey Knight Character adds +1 to their invulnerable save until the start of your next turn. Imagine using Draigo with a Stormshield for a 2+ save.

Moving on to the Aegis strat, which is used when a Grey Knight Psyker or Vehicle is within 24″ of an enemy Psyker that just successfully manifested a power. The Psyker or Vehicle can then Deny the Witch by rolling 3 dice rather than two and picking the two highest rolls.Grey Knight Codex Stratagems 4Are you really impatient and want to to cast another psychic power? Did you fail to manifest a power you sorely needed? Then the Mental Focus strat will be your best friend at the cost of 1CP and will allow one Grey Knight Psyker to cast one additional psychic power this phase.

Want to deepstrike a Grey Knight Infantry unit or a Dreadnought? You can with the Teleportarium strat with 1CP and it is used during the deployment phase. The Grey Knight unit is then placed on the field at the end of your Movement phase more than 9″ away from any enemy models. How about a your Grey Knight Vehicle has taken damage but you need it to stay in the fight longer? Truesilver Armor, at the cost of 1 CP, will give your damaged vehicle the chance negate wounds for that phase with a 5+ roll.

Grey Knight Codex Stratagems 5

Rounding out this list of Strats for the Grey Knights are Psychic Channeling and Teleportation Boost. Channeling allows you to roll three dice instead of two and choose the higher result. It costs just 1 CP and will be crucial if you plan to cast Vortex of Doom or another valuable power. Teleportation Boost allows you to make another teleport shunt with an Interceptor Squad if they have already done so earlier in the battle for the low cost of 1CP.

Grey Knight Codex Stratagems 6

There are the Stratagems from the Codex: Grey Knights. Stop back by next week for our first look and then tips and tactics breakdown of how to make your Command Points count with these Stratagems.

What are your thoughts on these Stratagems? Were you hoping for more Grey Knight-specific ones? Let us know in the comments below.

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