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Are you ready for a different kind of Quasar build? This new Imperial carrier ship has more uses up its sleeve that we are going to explore.

The Quasar-II seems like it is designed for long range combat. With Red dice for its forward battery and a red die for anti-squadron, this ship can sit comfortably in the rear of battle and support his fellow ships with ease. Since its dice can reach long ranges, this ship likes to concentrate fire for its commands. The Pursuant title card can help it fulfill a dual role. 

The Pursuant tile is a 3 point upgrade that can be spent whenever you reveal a command other than a squadron command. You may then discard the Pursuant card to resolve a squadron command as if you had spent a squadron dial. This is an interesting upgrade that can get you 2 full commands in 1 turn. This can help you quickly change tactics to support squadrons or use Boarding Troopers for close range engagements.

Since the Quasar-II prefers long range combat, enemy ships will be eager to close the distance with it. Make them regret their decision by using Boarding Troopers to exhaust up to 4 defense tokens! Follow that up with Avenger and you have a dead ship,Gunnery Teams can help spread its long range attack dice around to multiple enemy ships and squadrons. Utilize its very wide front arc by adding supporting fire from afar. An Intel Officer can help punch damage through with its small battery. Target a Brace and your enemy will reluctantly take the damage rather than waste his most valuable defenses on a middling attacks. Gotta hit them where it hurts!

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