Fatshark Announces Vermintide 2 With Teaser

By Juan Lopez | August 30th, 2017 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, Skaven, video game

Vermintide 2 Reveal

Fatshark has dropped a bomb with a video teaser of the upcoming Vermintide 2 and its global reveal in October! Praise Sigmar!

Rejoice, you dirty, rat slaying-loving, Sigmar’s Finest!

The video teaser, which is only 21 seconds long, gives us very little. It does, however, give us the global reveal date of October 17th. The Steam page for Verminitde 2 has also launched and there are only a few images available so far of a burning city, old ruins, farmlands, etc. Nothing alluding to whether we will be facing just Skaven or if other enemy forces will be making an appearance.

Some folks noticed right off the bat that  ‘End Times’ in not in the title.

Could this be a prequel?

Vermintide 2 Burning City

Players, such as myself, are hoping for Chaos forces to make an appearance and for new characters/class to be provided as well. Other desired features are a PvP mode, cross-play support for the original Vermintide, and a single player offline campaign. What the reveal will truly bring in October, we can only hope.

If you haven’t seen the video teaser, here it is. Be sure to visit the Steam page if you want to wish list Vermintide 2.

For more on Verminitde 2, End Times: Verminitde, and more, visit Fatshark Games!

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