GW’s Xenos Teasers Hinting at New Releases

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XenosWe’re finally starting to see some talk of Xenos in the new White Dwarf. Come find out the latest teaser from Games Workshop.

The latest teaser came out of next months White Dwarf and has been making its rounds around the internet. Let’s take a look at the latest image and what it means for Xenos fans out there.Xenos White Dwarf

That’s some awesome artwork and a whole lot of French. Luckily, Triaad was able to provide a translation that seems to be accurate:

Quick translation for non french speaking people

If we know well the main actors on the galactic scene. Warhammer 40k encompass a great number of minor xenos species that showed up during the years. They are generally those that escaped the great xenocide purges of the great crusade but without the number, strength or will to conquer great domains like the Aeldary or the Orks .
In the galaxy, humanity encountered the Nicassars, Barghesis, Demiurgs, Sslyths, Nagis , Jokaeros, K’nibs, Lacrymoles, Laers, Psy-Gores, Xenarchs, Hruds, tarelians, Chromes, Loxatls,Megarachnids, Kinebrach, Saruthis, Rak’Gols, Slaughts …
And those are only a fraction of those identified as conscious. Imperial scholars have described beast since the publication of Rogue Trader. Some of those abominations have come to the tabletop under the guise of modern miniatures in service of existing army. Like the Genestealers (who happened to be working for the Hive Fleets), or the Razorwings (often raised by the Drukhari). Other are missing from the battlefield but lurk in the background of stories, like the Hruds or the Demiurgs. It is possible that some other see the light of day in the future. And some are wondering if we will see an Ambull again ….

So will we be seeing the return of the Ambull? The way GW ended that section really makes you think so.

More so, they hint that Hruds and Demiurgs could possible be seeing the light of day. There are a ton of Xenos species in Warhammer lore (some never being fully pacified durong the Great Crusade), it would only make sense that Games Workshop would find a way to bring some of the fan favorites out from beyond the pages of a book and onto the tabletop.

What are your thoughts? Does this mean we’re going to start seeing more Xenos in the near future?

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