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Forge World Open Day is coming to an end and we’ve see a lot of new models. Come take a look at everything that was on display in our latest roundup.

Between Games Workshop’s live blog and Garro taking pictures during his attendance, we have seen a lot of great images of items on display at this year’s Forge World Open Day. Let’s start it all off by look at what they’ve shown us for Blood Bowl.


So, it’s not ALL about Necromunda today – there’s also a Troll, some Elves, some new dugouts, and tokens for a Chaos Renegades team.

FW Open Day BB FW Open Day BB TrollFW Open Day BB Orc Dugout

There’s going to be a ton of new doors on the way for your Rhinos, Land Raiders, even the new Repulsor.

There are loads of new tank doors on the way for both the Horus Heresy and the 41st Millennium. As well as our traditional packs for Land Raiders and Rhinos (including Deimos Pattern Rhinos), you can expect to see doors for every loyalist Chapter that will work great for customising your new Repulsor!

FW Open Day Heresy DoorsFW Open Day Heresy Doors FW Open Day Heresy Doors FW Open Day Heresy Doors

The Space Wolves have a new model on the way as well, but there was no mention of who this guy is.

FW Open Day Space Wolves

The new Tau Tigershark look absolutely impressive. This is sure to turn some head on the tabletop.

The fleets of the T’au Air Caste are being reinforced with the re-made Tiger Shark AX-1-0 – a fast moving tank destroyer armed with two heavy rail cannons. There’s also upcoming variants with burst cannons and ion cannons on display.

FW Open Day Tigershark FW Open Day Tigershark FW Open Day Tigershark FW Open Day Tigershark

Last but not least we’re seeing the Khornate Dragon with Lord model that has been making an appearance for almost a year now. There’s still no talk about its release date or anything other than some pictures of the model on display.

Khornate Dragon With Lord Khornate Dragon With Lord

So there you have it everyone, Forge World’s Open Day is coming to a close, and there was a lot to be seen. Thank you for making us your go to source for the latest updates.

What do you think about everything that was shown throughout the day? Are you planning on picking any of these items up for yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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