8th Ed. Battle Report: Chaos vs. Grey Knights

By Kenny Boucher | September 13th, 2017 | Categories: Battle Reports, Chaos, Grey Knights, Long War TV, Videos

draigo spire of madness lore

Welcome back 40K fanatics! Today We’ve got a special Long War Battle Report for you featuring Grey Knights and their mortal enemies Chaos Space Marines!

With the release of not one but TWO amazing new codices we just had to bring you a battle report featuring BOTH of them!  Today Lucus’ Grey Knights are going up against Austin’s Chaos Space marines!

Lucus decided to go big with his Grey Knights, bringing FIVE Nemesis Dreadknights to the table and rounding out his list with a pair of Rhino mounted Strike Squads a unit of Terminators and Lord Kaldor Draigo himself!

Grey Knights Glamour

Austin chose to start with the biggest Chaos model he could find!  The fearsome Brass Scorpion!  This thing is amazing in 8th edition, it really puts the hurt on things!

Chaos Glamour Scorpion

Forming the bulk of his army are Abbadon the Despoiler and three units of Chaos Space Marines in Rhinos!

Chaos Glamour Iron Warriors

Last but not least Austin, is bringing a small detachment of Khorne Berserkers led by a demon prince to add some more close combat punch to his army!

Chaos Glamour BezerkersEveryone is setup and somehow Lucus manages to beat out Austin for the first turn, even though Austin had the +1 bonus for finishing deploying first!


Find out who wins!  Check out the whole battle report in the video below!

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