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Happy Gorilla Game Studio has launched the Chronicles: The Game Kickstarter and it promises to engage players on and off the tabletop!

Happy Gorilla Game Studio has a very simple goal: to get players into the world as quick as possible and keep them engaged with content for the tabletop and online. Chronicles: The Game is a fantasy miniature strategy wargame and online community rpg. Yes, you read that correctly, a miniatures-based game with an online community rpg component. The online community, or OCRPG, will be directly influenced by the players. Backers will have special titles and roles in the OCRPG as well. Sound interesting so far? Let’s dive in and see what Happy Gorilla Game Studio has to say.

Chronicles the game minis

Chronicles: The Game is a tabletop fantasy miniature strategy game and the first of its kind Online Community Role Playing Game (OCRPG). As a miniature strategy game, two players will command armies of finely crafted, single-piece miniatures representing the powerful factions of the world of Indagar, waging battle to claim victory. In the OCRPG, you can get involved with other players around the world both on and off the tabletop: build your Faction’s power, drive the storyline of Indagar from season to season, and create the strongest miniature gaming community ever conceived through artwork and narrative contributions, political outreach, and military conquest.

Chronicles the Game features the following innovations for miniature game players:

  • Custom d10 dice means Chronicles has no charts, tables, or math!
  • Single piece, 32 mm miniatures so you can play right away.
  • The Dynamic Unit Formation (DUF) provides the tactical maneuver of a skirmish style game while providing the speed and scale necessary for a full blown war game!
  • Chronicles is won and lost on smart choices and outmaneuvering your opponent, not on random dice rolls and luck.
  • Free form movement, not restricted by squares, templates, or unit formations, allows you to get the most out of the movement-based tactics of the game.
  • The Chronicles Rulebook is tiny in comparison to most miniature games of its scale. It’s easier to understand and is designed to be accessible by anyone.
  • Chronicles’ terrain rules are very simple, innovative, and effective, creating a fast game play experience while utilizing all your battlefield terrain. No more balancing your models on your beautiful terrain!
  • Chronicles uses simple-to-understand cards that represent the abilities of models, and a single Faction card to describe the rules for your Faction. You don’t need a large tome of rules at your tabletop to play with your Faction.

Chronicles will feature a truly living ruleset. Each season, a new copy of the printed rules will be made available with the current updates. During each season, the Chronicles rules are also freely available on our searchable wiki!

Chronicles the game Arkland

The game currently centers around two factions: Arkland and the Great Forest Tribes. The lore so far for the land of Indagar is considerable and more can be read about it on their Wiki! Included in the stretch goals are minis for the Ramal Nations and the Langara Scions. Happy Gorilla has already stated that regardless if they meet their stretch goals, the rules will be made available on the Chronicles Wiki for these two factions. If you do decide to pledge, the base starter box will cost $75 and come with everything you need to get started with the faction of your choice. All pledge options come with beta access to their OCRPG.

Chronicles Game OCRPG

Speaking of their OCRPG, it is a very ambitious undertaking that promises to be rewarding if it able to be executed as Happy Gorilla hopes it will. Curious about this component of Chronicles? Let Happy Gorilla explain what their OCRPG will offer players.

The OCRPG is a first of its kind innovation to empower player involvement in a gaming community. It is an online social platform where anyone who wants to be involved in shaping Indagar, the world of Chronicles, can create an account and begin creating their own destiny. Your account represents your character and pledges to one of the Factions of Chronicles.You will use this account to interact as part of the community and also to help progress the storyline of Chronicles from season to season.

Chronicles Game OCRPG flowchartYou can connect with other members in the Chronicles community, including the developers of the game, using a familiar social platform. You can post art or browse the gallery, read player submitted narratives, like posts and comments, ask or answer rules questions, and even use it to find players in your area to battle. You can also use it to discover new podcasts, artists, YouTube channels, and to buy or sell player made Chronicles gear, even alternative sculpts of models!

More importantly, you can use it to keep track of the current standings of every Faction in Indagar as they progress, and the decisions of Faction leadership (who are ACTUAL PLAYERS!) will determine how the ongoing storyline of Chronicles progresses each season.

Factions may go into exile while others rise in their place. The OCRPG will have leaders that are actual players that will have to run for office and be elected by their faction’s player base. Once elected, these leaders will work with developers to craft decision points and and goals for each season. These leaders will are the primary points of contact for developers to the members of their Faction, responsible for rallying their Faction to new heights, identifying their best artists, writers, and players for representing the Faction, and the primary key to a Faction’s success or failure. For the first season, leaders will be determined by our first Kickstarter backers. Subsequent seasons will have player campaigns and elections.

Chronicles the Game Great Tribes


Chronicles: The Game: $75 (Base Pledge)

Chronicles the game starter box

You’ll receive a starter box of one faction, your choice. That will include:
– Miniatures
– Dice
– Rules & Battles
– Cards & Tokens
– Measuring Tool
– All applicable stretch goals for your faction

Kingdom of Arkland Faction Starter Box contains:

  • 1 x Lord Commander (Limited Edition Pose)
  • 1 x Sergeant
  • 12 x Warriors of the Realm (6 x Female, 6 x Male)
  • 1 x Paladin
  • 3 x Scout Cavalry
  • 14 x Arkland Command Cards
  • 5 x Arkland Tokens
  • 5 x Model Cards (1 for each Model Type)

Great Forest Tribes Faction Starter Box contains:

  • 1 x Chieftain
  • 2 x Bear Shaman (Limited Edition Pose)
  • 1 x Werebear
  • 10 x Tribe Warriors
  • 5 x Tribe Wildguard
  • 5 x Berserkers
  • 14 x Tribe Command Cards
  • 5 x Tribe Tokens
  • 5 x Model Cards (1 for each Model type, Shamans transform into the mighty Werebear and have the same card)

Each Starter Box and Combi-Starter Box contains (aside from both Starter Boxes mentioned above0:

  • 1 x  Chronicles: The Game Rulebook (32 pages)
  • 1 x Chronicles: The Game Battles Compendium (12 pages)
  • 1 x Measuring Template
  • 40 x Chronicles Dice (10 x Orange, 10 x Yellow, 6 x Blue, 3 x White, 8 x Black, 3 x Red)

Shipping will be calculated after the campaign ends and charged separately. See the Shipping section for more details.

The Chronicles: The Game Kickstarter is live now and will end on Sept. 29th, 2017. Stay up to date on chronicles by following their Twitter and Facebook pages. Be sure to check out Happy Gorilla’s video on Chronicles: The Game for an in-depth explanation of Indagar, combat, the OCRPG, and more!

For more on Chronicles, media, information, and Happy Gorilla Game Studio, visit Chronicles: The Game!

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