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By Juan Lopez | September 22nd, 2017 | Categories: Kickstarter, News / Rumors

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Archon Studio will soon launch their Empires of Men Kickstarter. Here is what you need to know about this miniatures collection Kickstarter!

Archon Studio, producers of the horde survival board game Vanguard of War and the skirmish board game League of Ancient Defenders, will be launching a Kickstarter on September 25th. This Kickstarter will feature their latest project: the miniatures collection entitled Empire of Men. Empire of Men will feature 28mm, heroic-scale, resin multi-part miniatures.

Their previous games featured UniCast miniatures but they are aiming for players to have some customization options. As for heroes and vehicles being available, more will be revealed when the Kickstarter launches. Though, if the artwork is any indication, their tank will be something to look for.

Here is what Archon Studio has to say concerning the world of Empire of Men:

A history set in alternate 20th century timeline, when War World One has not ended peacefully. War rages on for decades turning Earth into barely habitable, yet still overcrowded theatre of war. Fighting like there is no tomorrow, they are spending all resources they have. Men and women of the dark future are seeking peace only through absolute victory and destruction of the enemy. There is far too late for truce and complete annihilation will be only result that history will ever know.

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“Empire of Men” miniature collection will feature two major factions, struggling through many years against each other. The Great Empire are tough as nails people, who have endured more than anyone could, yet still standing proud. Supported by equally brutal as heavy machinery of dark future are set to grind their enemy until none shall remain. Steel, oil and gunpowder are holy trinity of Great Empire.

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Echelon Dominion are those ones, who decided to not endure the war, but adapt to it by any means necessary instead. Even if this means breaking nature laws. Genetically mutated by their own scientists, upgraded into post-human form, Echelon Dominion is considered by some as new species itself. Because of that, for some Great War is considered as mankind’s last stand, as Echelon is not taking any prisoners.

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Empire of Men will only be a miniatures collection that can be used with any game you see fit. Only two factions, Echelon Dominion and The Great Empire will be the two factions available from the start, with a third faction being included as a stretch goal.

Here is a teaser trailer from Archon Studio for Empire of Men. Be sure to check out the Spikey Bits Youtube channel in the next few days as our very own Rob Baer will be unboxing a sample kit graciously sent to him by Archon Studio.

For more on Empire of Men and some great board games, visit Archon Studio!

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