Wave XIII For Star Wars: X-Wing Announced

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Fantasy Flight Games will be bringing two iconic starships to the X-Wing universe: the TIE Silencer and the Resistance Bomber in Wave XIII!

This December, the next chapter of the Star Wars saga will be released in theaters. As the First Order and the Resistance battle for the fate of the galaxy, you will see how the B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber aids the Resistance. You will also Kylo Ren piloting his sleek TIE Silencer. Shortly after, you will be able to field these two iconic starships from The Last Jedi. Fantasy Flight Games has announced that Wave XIII will consist of two expansions: Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer and the Resistance Heavy Bomber.

Wave XIII Xwing

The B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber is packed with destructive ordinance to use against your opponents. They are armed with rotating turrets for protection and can deter enemies with mines. They can turn the tide of battle by making their way in and bombing key targets. This heavy bomber has three shields and a massive nine hull. It has room for one systems upgrade, one tech upgrade, and two bombs. With this firepower and durability, it is able to drop ordinance where it is needed most. The Resistance Bomber Expansion Pack contains four ship cards and thirteen upgrades, including three copies of Trajectory Simulator. There is also a condition card included as well.

Wave XIII Heavy Bomber

Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer is all about establishing absolute space supremacy. Being engineered for speed and handling, it demands the utmost skill from its pilot to unlock its full potential. Luckily, the TIE Silencer will have such skilled pilots to choose from, including Kylo Ren, one unique pilot, and two non-unique pilots. Twelve upgrade cards and a copy of Kylo’s signature condition card ‘I’ll Show You the Dark Side’ will aid you in bringing out the full devastating potential of this lethal fighter.

Wave XIII TIE Silencer

Resistance Bomber Expansion Pack: $39.95

Heavy Bomber Wave XIII Box

A strategic ordnance platform flown by brave Resistance pilots, the B/SF-17 heavy bomer arrives to X-Wing™ as a towering, large-base ordnance platform with room for one systems upgrade, one tech upgrade, and two bombs. In addition to its pre-painted miniature starship, the Resistance Bomber Expansion Pack provides a host of potential pilots and upgrades. In total, you’ll find four ship cards, thirteen upgrades, one condition card, a maneuver dial, and all the plastic and tokens you need to rain destructive ordnance upon the First Order!

TIE Silencer Expansion Pack: $29.95

Wave XIII TIE Silencer Box

Engineered for speed and incredible handling, the TIE silencer is devastating in the hands of those who can unlock its full potential. Lesser pilots, however, are often overwhelmed and unable to maintain control of the nimble craft. Fortunately for the First Order, the TIE Silencer Expansion Pack for X-Wing™ pairs its sleek and menacing, pre-painted miniature starfighter with a quartet of talented pilots, including the dark side Force user Kylo Ren. Additionally, you’ll find twelve upgrade cards, one condition card, a maneuver dial, and all the plastic and tokens you need to launch this lethal fighter into action!

The Wave XIII Expansion Releases will launch in early in 2018. You can pre-order yours today at your FLGS or on Fantasy Flight Games’ on-line store.

For more on Wave XIII and Star Wars: X-Wing, visit Fantasy Flight Games!

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